Revolt 3x



Here's another revised version of Revolt, this time with more maps, better weapon skins, and static crosshairs. That alone should be enough for you to consider trying this out! To top it off you get snipers with 20x zoom and lower rates of fire, as well as lowered general weapon recoil so the other weapons can compete with the new and improved snipers. Each class of weapon shares the same recoil with their cross-team counterparts (e.g. AK101 recoil is the same as M16).



=================== Revolt_3x ==================
Developer: PlusIce
Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding
Title: Revolt_3x

Table Of Contents
	I. Contents of File
	II.How to run this mod
	III. List of Changes From Revolt_2x
	VI. Muilt Player Support
	V. Credits
	IV.Older Version readme
I. Contents of File
	The revolt3x.zip contains the following files:
	dedicated.cfg , used for storing setting such as maproation
	revolt3x.pk3 , the whole mod is stored on this file
	Maplist.txt , a text file with a list of maps and supported gametypes
	Revolt_3x Folder ,the folder were all the files are stored.
	old_readme.txt , the outdated revolt_2x readme. Read to compair versions.
II. How to run this mod
	Add the Revolt_3x folder to your c:/program files/call of duty
	or C:/program files/call of duty game of the year
Add dedicated.cfg to Revolt_3x folder
Add revolt3x.pk3 to Revolt_3x folder
	Older Versions of Revolt mod are not needed.

III. List of Changes from Revolt_2x

	Weapon balances:Overall lower recoil then revolt_2x
			Lower ads and hip recoil on assult rifles 
			Lower recoil on the M14,and G3A3.
			Added Zoom on M14,G3A3 and Dragnov
	Changed weapon skins: G3A3 plastic is now black
			      Made camo clips for M4 and M16
			      Changed M14 wood to redwood
	New Maps: See Credits for full list of new maps	
	Fixed the missing texture issues on:
	rev_mechili and rev_oase
VI. Multi Player Support
	This Mod is made to run on Call Of Duty Multi-Player
	Version 1.5. Support for older version is unknown
	A UO version is possible, just can't make a mod support both games
	it's long story.
V. Credits
new sounds from ITOE MM10-C (Messiah Complex)
New sounds from BP-MW (Blood pack team)
New sounds from sfmserv1 mod (sfm clan)

	==Skins I made===
Ak-74 wood and plastic
Ak-47 wood
G3a3 plastic
Dragnov wood
	===Skins by others===
RPG ([FS] Sarge)
Health bar and Health cross ([FS] Sarge)
	====New maps=== 
rev_dust ([VS-UK]Lucifer)
rev_smallville (CHK Corbra?)
lan_priorty (Philip A. Mecozzi (Filbert)
lan_spinx (>RA| Woody Ruthless Aggression. Rescript by Schizo Killer

Made by DarkElfa. Converted to cod1 by PlusIce.

===Loading screen===
Made by DarkElfa. Converted to cod1 by PlusIce

IV.Older Version readme
 See old_readme.txt for revolt_2x readme.

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