Rifle Range

Here we have an insanely cool map by what seems to be some new authors on the scene, Bodger2 and Bdbodger. I'm totally serious... this map...


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Here we have an insanely cool map by what seems to be some new authors on the scene, Bodger2 and Bdbodger. I'm totally serious... this map is freaking great! Not only is it fun to play but it'll DEFINITELY help you increase your aim. ;) There's a single-player AND a multi-player version included, too! I don't know why I haven't seen these guys before, but I hope to see their work again soon... check out the screenshots below, and download this beauty now!!!

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Download 'rifle_range_ver1.zip' (1.46MB)

Rifle Range version 1

A Call of Duty : single / multiplayer map made by Bodger2 and Bdbodger.

Map information

Title : rifle_range and mp_rifle_range
Filename : zzz_Rifle_Range.pk3
BSP name : rifle_range and mp_rifle_range
Version : 1.0
Release date : March 12th 2005
Author : Bodger2 and Bdbodger
e-mail : bodger2@hotmail.com or bdbodger@hotmail.com


Rifle Range is a SINGLE PLAYER and MULTI PLAYER map.
Its purpose is to gauge your skill level with a rifle.

A perfect map for clan recruiting, playing with your friends online, or in SP improving your skill level.
It tracks your accuracy,shots taken,hits,your current score,and your highscore.It also tracks which rifle you are using,so try to qualify on all of them.

You have 5 minutes to score as many points as you can,but points aren't everything, working on your accuracy is just as important.
The targets are always on the move, so hitting them will be a challange.They also move at random speeds, just to make it interesting.The further the target,the more points its worth.A miss will lower your accuracy,so take your time and make those shots count.

This map will teach you to use your rifles sights effectively.Watch your skill level increase the more you play.


Extract zzz_Rifle_Range.pk3 into your Call of Duty\Main folder. 

To play the SP map, start COD singleplayer and type into the console "map rifle_range".
To play the MP map, start COD multiplayer and create a server. Choose "Rifle Range" from the server map list. 

This map is made by Bodger2 and Bdbodger. Copyright (c) 2005. 

You may distribute this ZIP or PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format as long as you contact us first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive. You may not decompile and/or modify this map in any way without our permission. 

Have fun and thank you for playing this map!

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