Rooster's Wartiger Wehrmacht Skin

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Very cool skin by {Sn][per} Rooster

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                                {Sn][per} wartiger   by {Sn][per Rooster

                           This skin replaces the wehrmacht

this skin works for UO and reg COD.take the pk3 and put it in your UO folder.for reg COD put
the pk3 in your main.


Stop into the {Sn][per} servers and check out are weapons MOD
   {Sn][per} MOD (TDM #1 ip# #2
  (TDM #3 any problems or comments contact me
    OR you can reach the {Sn][per group at
Interested in a ladder league that u can challenge clans on your MOD.or weapons mods. Go to and sign up.
         do not alter these skins in any way wartiger1.pk3 by {Sn][per}Rooster 2004©

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