RVS Streets Night

Here's the new version of RVS Streets Night by paulb39 with such problems fixed as I noted last time. :) I'm way too lazy to do anything...


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Here's the new version of RVS Streets Night by paulb39 with such problems fixed as I noted last time. :) I'm way too lazy to do anything right now, though, so I'm just going to recommend you download the map and give it a go yourself. :P I can remind you that it's a remake of a Rainbow Six: Raven Shield map (that was a great game), and this remake features a variety of explodable crates, walls, barrels, and so on. With all that in mind, download the second release of RVS Streets Night today! :D


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Download 'rvsnight.zip' (960KB)



I made this version a while a go- fixed many things- but mostly the light issue- that xXezekielXx hated so much,
nothing much is new- the lighting is fixed tho, some furniture in the houses to make it not look so bland

( im uploading this now bcuase my pc crashed and i thought i lost the version but my bro had it on his pc, so 
im uploading for safe keeping)

Many exploadable things, like crates, walls, and barrels :)

Breakable windows

Breakabkle planks that are boarding up some windows

Targets that get blown to bits when you do some shooting practice


Map Title : mp_rvs_streets_night
Map Version : Beta (Might make a re make)
Author : Paul
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://clanubp.com
Xfire : paulb39


Game : Call of Duty1

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Capture the Flag
: Behind Enemy Lines

Map Size : 6-12 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

ScreenShots (same as last  version, didint make new ones sinec i diidnt install cod yet, but the lighting issue is fixed)


Installation Instructions:

Put the pk3 into your CoD Dir
e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty


Construction Time :

Custom Content :
Known Bugs : None so far (Im not realy sure since I
havnt played it in a long time)

Email me if you find any


Special Thanks :

NighMare for helping me with scripting

People at Modsonline.com for also helping me with scripting
and other problems, and for there readme creator


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"mp_rvs_streets_night" is copyright protected.

Now I saw a lot of maps where there was a problem with the gsc (scripting) part of the map- and people fixed it, and they
got yelled at for "changing the map"- If theres some gsc problems with this map- please go ahead and fix it, and email me
with the fix :)

Now if I do find the .map file, in my next version I will include it in the map. For people who wuld like to see how I did
the "eye candy" part of it. If you prefab some buidlings from my map, include in ur credits my name!

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