Saint Lo

This is the Medal of Honor Saint Lo map converted for Call of Duty.

Read the readme for more info. (I had to translate the readme from...


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This is the Medal of Honor Saint Lo map converted for Call of Duty.

Read the readme for more info. (I had to translate the readme from French, so...)

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Saint-Lo   (for Call of Duty) (v 1.2)


Inspired by the map "StLo" of Kingmarzo for Medal of Honor, 
remade and adapted by BigYann for Call of Duty. 


Thank you in Valoche for the scripting and the Flingueurs Uncles for the tests. 
Thank you in Caskou (X-Men clan) for the modes RE, HQ and BEAUTIFUL, and with his/her colleagues testers! 
Thank you with couzin Juju for the plates for street, "Army" posts it; and the signature; -) 
Thank you with all the actors for the forums IWNation, The MOD Theater, Caskami Productions.

In the beginning of July 1944, the Americans always trample in this Norman scrap-metal 
which appears without end. The marshes of Vire do not facilitate the progression. 
July 12th they were at the doors of Saint-Lo. The 38th and 23rd regiments of the 
2nd Infantery Division pushed back the German parachutists of the 9th Regiment; 
Saint-Georges d'Elle and Cloville are released, coast 192 is taken. 
The 17th, major Howie who prepared the attack of his battalion is killed; 
this 36 year old officer will become the symbol of the engagements for the catch 
of the city. Opposite, the parachutists of the Meindl General and a brigade of 
guns of attack oppose a resistance baited to the 29th infantry division. 
July 18th in the morning, general Gerhardt launches a task force on Saint-Lo; 
at the beginning of afternoon the Americans enter the city on the heels of the Germans 
en route. Saint-Lo is in ruins and 450 inhabitants died under the bombardments.


==> Installation <==

Place the zzz_mp_saint-lo.pk3 into your COD/Main Folder.
You cannot join a pure server with this PK3 in your Main Folder.

==> Un-installation <==
Just delete the zzz_mp_saint-lo.pk3 file.


Modifications 1.2 :

- some corrections textures and grounds 
- suppression of the bug on the site of the obj in DM 
- addition of elements to go up to the gun since grass 
- addition of a small signature; -) and of some decorative textures 
- addition of the types of play TDM, RE, HQ and BEAUTIFUL (still thank you Caskou!)


Have fun !...

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