Second Coming

Here we have the second beta for the classic map Second Coming. The map supports HQ - S&D - BEL - DM and TDM and all are great fun to play d...


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Here we have the second beta for the classic map Second Coming. The map supports HQ - S&D - BEL - DM and TDM and all are great fun to play due to the way the map is set out. A great map for eye candy and one big fragfest! Grab it now and go see for yourself :rock:

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Download '' (10.38MB)

The Second Coming - beta2 release

Legal stuff: Just, like, be cool, dig?

The map:

Gametypes: HQ, S&D, BEL, DM and TDM. 

Note: Heat of Battle will also be supported. I'm working on the conversion now. Please visit the HOB website for further updates.

Setting: Bombed out rural village with sewer system and plenty of cover. 2 S&D objectives, both radios. 8 HQ radios.

Please remove any previous versions of this map. It shouldn't be a problem, but it avoids confusion.

Unzip the sc_beta2.pk3 into your CallofDuty/main folder. The map will be available in the menu for supported gametypes. It has been tested and runs on a pure server. Tested and runs on version 1.2.

- Beta release -

NOTES: Beta release. This means it's pretty much ready in my eyes and I need other people to find the problems. Sorry I didn't get retrieval in there, I didn't have the heart to tackle it at this late stage. If there's enough clamor for it I'll put it in the final release.

Known problems: 

Framerate. I spent a good 70 hours doing the portals for this map, and think I've reached my bloody limit. It's a LOT better than it was in the alpha, but I'm sure some people are going to have issues. It tops out at about 100,000 tris in the absolute worst view (rare though). Dawnville tops out at 80,000. I honestly don't know what else to do, I think the map is as well done as I can do it, and is limited by the design. If there's a tremendous problem I'll look at it again. The high traffic areas have significantly reduced poly count, so I'm hoping this version is acceptable to most people.

LINUX ADMINS - I tried to debug for Linux boxes but have no idea if I was successful. Please, please give me a list of problems (and solutions if you have any) to get this map working on your server. I have developer and logfile set up but can't decode that crap. I also posted a thread here: - responses there would help me and all the other mappers. Please help, even if it's just to say "it works!" I know it's our job as mappers to get it working for Linux, but all I ever hear is people complaining that it doesn't work, not helping us solve it. Please post information to help us.

I also received notes that there was a script compile error in the last release, but haven't been able to reproduce it and unfortunately didn't receive any further information on the problem. I'm guessing this was a linux server issue though as the last release has been run on several Windows servers without issue.

Construction details:

Entities: 		937

Brushes:		8946

VIS data size:		1,110,712

Total playable area:	About 5,000 x 7,500 grid units top level
			About 1,500 x 2,000 grid units sewer system	

Spawn points: 		45 TDM 
			34 DM
			20 S&D per team

Compile: 		Fast vis (about 5 mins)
			Flare -extra -16 diffusesamples. (6hrs 32 mins)

Custom shaders:		Yes. The water. I'm finally happy with it.

Custom textures: 	Yes, water, posters and sigs. All in textures/seccoming

Custom sounds:		Yes, in the sewers. "Dripping.wav"

VClog:			Yes. Took me bloody ages.


A big special thanks to Killerbudz for the beautiful artwork (loading image and in-game map).

Another big special thanks to Oo(fj)ze for getting all the sigs done, and for his clan work.

This map is part of a project to promote the clan >2Co< and generate some interest. >2Co< is my new home and includes many original members from the OstFront clan. Other OF members have moved over to X clan, who run a kick ass server. Don't be an ass on there, it's my favorite server.

Thanks to the original .:OF:. clan. The idea came as I was applying as a recruit for the clan, and from many helpful hints and suggestions from it's members. Some of these people are in different clans now, but here's some names:

50Bones AKA 3 pump AKA Fiddy
Miguel Santiago
Mr. Oo[fj]ze
Polish Prince
All the Darkness Rising peeps.

Thanks to IWNation for hosting me and running great forums.

Thanks to the mapping community for being supportive and always ready to help. Some names:

Gilvo -X- and his clan for the beta notes. As always, very insightful and accurate.
Wyatt Earp
General Death
Scorpio Midget
[MC]Hammer for the CODam - bots!

Everyone else at the forums who helped - sorry if I forgot you.

Lastly, thanks to IW for the still awesome game despite hundreds of hours of playing. Release some new maps!

See you in there,

BigBoyG A.K.A. >2Co<Motley


IRC: #2ndCo on GamesNET. Idle us. I'll see the message eventually.

MSN: Leave me alone.

I welcome ANY and ALL feedback. If you don't like the way part of the map plays, let me know so I can make the next one better. Maybe one day I'll be good enough to do this for a living.

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