Here's a brand new CoD/CoDUO map by =N3rdSko0L=, which was especially made for his LAN group (that means it'll work for yours, too ;) )....


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Here's a brand new CoD/CoDUO map by =N3rdSko0L=, which was especially made for his LAN group (that means it'll work for yours, too ;) ). It's got compatibility with a multitude of fun gametypes including DM, TDM, HQ, RSD, SD, ACTF, and BEL, and it's got a crazy layout of stairs and obstacles, so you surely won't soon run out of exciting gameplay action with this one! :D Just check out the screenshots below to see how it all works, and download it today! :thumbsup:

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Shelbyville - README.txt

CREATED BY: =N3rdSko0L= for the =WDC= LAN Party Group

INSTALLATION: just place mp_shelbyville.pk3 in "Main" or "uo" folder under your 
Call of Duty installation root, and you're set.  NOTE: this map will run under 
COD and CODUO without problems.


PREMISE:  The year is 1945 and the Seigfried Line has already been breached 
by the Allies.  Shelbyville is a German base, home to the 1st SS Panzer division,
which is awaiting invasion by the Allies.  The Allied objectives are to disable 
German communications and disable a Tiger tank housed in the Axis garage.

MISC INFO:  This map is entirely fictional.  The name "Shelbyville" was taken from 
The Simpsons mainly because I couldn't think of a better name for it.  This map 
contains alot of custom textures, mostly authentic WWII German propaganda posters 
and fictional German banners and flags that I created in Photoshop.  I have added
a handful of custom sounds to complete the ambience I tried to create in this map. 
Among these custom sounds are a few of Hitler's last speeches given circa late 1944 
and early 1945.  The map took about two and a half months to build and has been 
tested thoroughly.  I have portalled all of the buildings as well, to optimize FPS, 
so it should run very smooth, even on low-end machines.  This is a finished product.  

RECOMMENDATIONS:  =WDC= runs the Extreme+ RCX mod for CODUO.  We recommend you run
this map under Extreme+ RCX (located at or the AWE 2.12
(located at http:\ because they add the ACTF and RSD gametypes, and
the additional effects complete the ambience to make this map more intense.  

For RSD, it is recommended that the Allied spawn time be set to 1 second and the Axis 
spawn time be set to between 8 and 10 seconds.  Also, we recommend setting the bomb 
timer to 60 seconds with a 15 second arm/defuse time.  Extensive testing has shown 
that these values will optimize the fun factor for RSD.  

For ACTF, the following flag placements are recommended:

	set scr_actf_allied_home_x_mp_shelbyville "-514"
	set scr_actf_allied_home_y_mp_shelbyville "-2402"
	set scr_actf_allied_home_z_mp_shelbyville "372"
	set scr_actf_allied_home_a_mp_shelbyville "88"
	set scr_actf_axis_home_x_mp_shelbyville "-591"
	set scr_actf_axis_home_y_mp_shelbyville "2640"
	set scr_actf_axis_home_z_mp_shelbyville "411"
	set scr_actf_axis_home_a_mp_shelbyville "-90"


CLOSING COMMENTS:  I hope you enjoy this map as much as the =WDC= group does.  Please feel
free to use any of my custom textures, just give me credit for them.  Also, stay tuned for 
Springfield, my newest mapping project for CODUO.  Please send comments, questions, hate-mail
etc. to

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