{Sn][per}Weapon Total war mod



I can't really judge this mod because I know nothing about it, except that it's got a sweet ass or something (see the ReadMe), which is cool, I guess. :mepimp: I think it's sort of a mixture of multi-player features we've seen before like remote satchels, medics, and blood effects. Whatever the case, check out the screenshots below to see the mod in action, and download it now to find out more. :P




 Here we have a sweet ass mod unlike no other. I would like to thank Extreme, AWE2.1 and merciless for there contributions, but most of all to Shadowlord of {Sn][per} weapons mod for making this possable. Also available Is {Sn][per}Totally modern weapons. 
Be aware that there are cheap copies out there.
Place in your main folder or fs_game folder and go for it...
If you use this or our ToTal modern which is only available upon request,  remote weapons .cfg available upon request. please give credit where credit is due.

Sorry but their is way to much to list here: From Classic Sniper weapons to remotes. PREPARE FOR BATTLE!
{Sn][per}Sir [email protected]

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