Here's a pretty neat new rifles-only mod by Urded that features not only the usual restrictions on weapons (iron sights rifle or snipers only) but also a pack of 10 sniper-related maps. If you're into rifling or sniping and you're sick of the stock CoD maps, grab this sweet new package deal now!



SNIPERS!     by      MODS BY URDED       www.urdedgamers.com          1/23/09

This is a mod for Call of Duty MP v1.5. In this mod you only get 3 weapons to choose from for each team. Your choice of an iron sight rifle or 2 different sniper rifles per team. You also get 2 smoke nades. Thats it.
There are also 10 sniper related maps added for your enjoyment. I also grabbed part of one of my other mods because I thought it would work well in this one, the modified Headshot mod from Fragfest. There are a lot of other things too.

Just unzip then copy & paste the "snipers" folder to the Call of Duty folder NOT THE MAIN.

b@STARd for |-|eadshot-|/|od v2.0
Credit for the maps goes to all the original makers of the maps
Original Smoke Nade model - Swat Mod  
The makers of Call of Duty for a great game

Legal stuff:
Don't do anything to or with this mod without asking!
([email protected])

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