SpaMalot's Bash Only



As promised, here's SpaMalot's Bash Only mod for CoD multi-player. The mod simply removes all ammunition for all types of weapons to allow for a bullet-free, bash-heavy bonanza. :P Just remember to disable MG42s! :D




-spamalotsbashonly		   -
-(v0.2)		   	  	   -
-by spamalot			   -


This is a Multiplayer Serverside modification
(mod) for Call of Duty. It takes all the ammunition
out of the weapons, so that you can play a bash only
game without cheaters who will shoot you.
I have fixed the mod so it can now work with all types
of weapons (including machine guns) from all teams. However,
I have not included a bash mod for the mg42's and the like,
as there doesnt seem much point (most servers do not allow 
I am releasing this file as freeware and you are free 
to redistrobute it, as long as NO FILES ARE CHANGED AND 


If you have the old file - spamalotsbashonly.pk3, delete it
before instaling the new one.
Simply place the "spamalotsbashonly_v0.2.pk3" into your
call of duty main folder 
(C: -> program files -> call of duty [or call of duty
game of the year edition] -> main)


Where you instaled your "spamalotsbashonly_v0.2.pk3", just 
delete it (make sure it is the file above) and empty
recycle bin.


Inside the pk3 file there is a config file, if you were 
to open it you can edit the gametype, map, and the weapons 
that you are allowed in game (e.c.t)


you can use cvars using the rcon inside Call of Duty:

sv_maprotation gametype re map mp_ship		(change re and ship to whatever you want the map and gametype to be)
scr_allow_(weapon name) "1"			(1= on, 0= off)
g_gravity 56					(change the number to have different gravity levels)

-Known problems-

none so far, but contact me if there are.

-But, most of all HAVE FUN!-

spamalot (AKA SpaM)

-xfire = cod118
-electronic mail = barsnips AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
(I have written my email address funny to stop spam... but not me - being called SpaM, if you can understand my humour)


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