Special-Ops CoDSP Mod



Here's an interesting new single-player mod for regular Call of Duty by greasersnoopy, which modifies lots of different aspects of gameplay. It features new sounds, weapon characteristics, and even a little blood mod to top things off. ;) This will be most enjoyed by folks who have played and enjoyed the CoD single-player campaigns but want a new experience -- trust me, this will make for a new experience! :) Just read the brief list below of the changes in this mod, check out the screenshots below, and play it today! :D

  • Increased machine gun rates of fire
  • Added full-screen scopes to all rifles and sniper rifles
  • Modified clip sizes to reflect alternate weapon models
  • Changed Colt .45 clip size to 15 rounds
  • Added scope to Colt .45




						Special-Ops  (COD SP MOD)
This is for singleplayer only!!! It alters sounds,weapons,and adds a blood mod, every weapon in this
mod did exist in wwII the only weapon out od wack is the colt!!, Also I am not a modeler so somethings 
don't have the right model!! example: 50 round tommy magazine was a drum!! it is still a stick mag in 
this mod!!

increased fire speed just a bit for MGs, added full screen scopes to all rifles, made sniper scopes
full screen, adjusted clip capacitys, to reflect on other clips or versions!!, and the colt is highly
modified and is not accurate to WWII I increased the mag to 15 rounds and added scope, this is not an
impossible feat there are 15 round colt mags, and you could mount a scope on one if you really wanted
to!! I just like the colt alot and wanted something different! and much more enough
you will recongnize it!!

cod has been around awhile now and like some I played the demo till it would nearly not play anymore,
then once the game came out same deal!! I like cod but for me it needs some pep so I made this!!
some may not like some might!!
You need to make sure you have no mods in your main file (other blood mods, sound mods)
these will affect this mod and it will not work to it's fullest!!
place the zzzzz_Specialops.pk3 in your main file and run the game.
to remove this delete the above mod from your main.
none are known!!
Infinity Ward> for making cod
Chris Snow> for letting me use his blood mod.
Fluffy> for the use of some of his weapon sounds
COD:UO>ppsh,silenced sten sound
COD:2>lee-enfield,bren sounds
k98 scoped,mosin scoped sounds not sure where they came from, or who made them but here is the credit for them!
MOH:SH>mp44 sound
greasersnoopy> for whatever is not listed above!!
if you would like to do anything to this file like use in in your own mod you must contact me,
or if you want to complain,have idea for it or what ever email me at
[email protected]

although there is no real info posted at our site for this mod you can visit us at
we game in all three cods and have servers in all of them as well!!

game on!!

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