Spiers Realism Mod



Here we have a single player mod which turns your cod to a realistic frag fest. Its not just the damage that has been changed in this mod sounds, clips of ammo and the AI's weapons have all been redone. Check the read me for full details. Then download this great mod you wont be disappointed :)



Lt.Speirs's realism for Sp MOD

Ok, I've updated it since there were problems with the first version, 
I left spaces in the title which made the mod not render in the game,
I apoligize for it.  I also updated the damage for rifle ammo. 
It occured to me that semi auto, support, and machine guns weapons reqiured some of the gasses from the bullet
it self to work the machinary of the weapons, as of opposite of the bolt
action rifles that trap all the gasses and uses it to porpel the bullet,
thus they are stronger.   

This mod makes all the weapons in CoD Sp like they are in real life, Rate of fire is autintic, and damage is based on ballistics
7.92 does 170 damage (except the fg42 and mg42, it does 150), .45 cal does 135, .30.06 cal does 150, .30cal (carbine) does 100 
.303 does 170 (bren does 150 also), 9mm does 85, and 7.62 pistol ammo does 79. 
I even changed the firing rate for vehicles and stationary weapons not to mention damage
For example like how he flak 88 shell travels faster than the sound.
The second mod is for the AI's weapons to act like they do in real life.
This mod is not for the faint of heart, this will make Cod more intense
causing great amounts of entertainment or fustration.
To use just cut and paste both mods into ur Cod main folder.

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