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Here's a total conversion compiled by PlusIce based on the final release of the SWAT mod for CoD. This version, appropriately entitled SWAT Light, removes "unwanted maps and weapons," PlusIce says, and adds two new maps, two shotguns, a baton, and a dagger. I say there's nothing like breathing new life into old favorites, so why not give this one a try? :) Check out the screenshots, and download SWAT Light today!




SWAT Light Readme

Developer: PlusIce
Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding
Title: SWAT Light
Version: 1.0

Overview: This a mod based off of Swat Mod.
The whole idea was to make swat final better and smaller in file size.
Unwanted maps and weapons were removed. Two new maps were added. Two types of Shotguns were added
along with a Baton and a Dagger.

Table Of Contents
I.Files included
II.Install Guid
III. Credits

I. zzz.swatlight.zip contains the following files:
dedicated.cfg (the server map list and cvar)
A few screenshots
Map List.txt

II. Unzip zzz.swatlight.zip .
Windows XP or higher doesn't need software to up it. Others us WinZip or WinRaR
Add "swatreloaded" folder so it looks like this
C:/program files/call of duty/swatlight
C:/Program Files/Call Of Duty Game The Year/swatlight
Add swatlight.pk3 and dedicated.cfg to the folder



Urded: for helping me with SWAT Reloaded.

Big Bang Theory: Beta Testing the mod

Everyone from SUB Clan who did beta testing for me

reticle_aug (Turambar)
reticle_g36 (Lan Clan)

New Maps

swat_Algiers (Conversion by HOW AMON_RA. Mohaa version by Sandman)
swat_office (Nightmare)


New Sounds from ITOE MM8 (Messiah Complex)
New Sounds from ITOE MM10 (Messiah Complex)

New Weapons

Remington Shotgun (EGGBEAST)
Clip fead Shotgun (Novmber Dobby)
Baseball bat (Kill3r) Aquired from Zombie mod
Dagger (Kill3r) Aquired from Zombie mod

Flame grenade Effect
Aquired from Codam mod.

Weapon reskinns/new skins

AK47 (PlusIce)
Desert Eagle (PlusIce)
Sako (PlusIce)
Remington (PlusIce)
Sako (PlusIce)
G36 (Messiah Complex)
AUG (PlusIce)
Baseball bat(PlusIce) darked to look like baton
Shotgun (PlusIce) Darked Dobby's Shotgun

Background (PlusIce)

Background music
Aquired From SniperHawk's Fuel Menu Music MOD
Fuel who performs "Hemorrhage in my Hand"

Smaller M4 xmodel
[FS] Sarge, Aquired from the FSv3 UO mod.

Bulleye mouse icon
Aquired from the "BatMOD"
Made by Jeremiah .M.P aka {B}man | Th3 ()n3

New crosshairs
Aquired from ITOE mm10, made by Messiah Complex


You may run this mod on your server, Update this mod and take stuff from this mod.
As long is credit is given. I don't mind if you add my files to your websites and mirrors.
Just don't copy in paste reviews from filefront.

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