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Yes, the SWAT mod has released its first patch, and this shoul...


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Yes, the SWAT mod has released its first patch, and this should be a good one! Take a look at the following information:

  • Optimization for every gametype
  • Server crash glitch fixed
  • Flashbang runtime error fixed
  • Teargas runtime error fixed
  • Weapon balance fixed
  • New map Subway (screenshots attached below)
  • 10-second sprint function to be added
  • Maps Carrier and Chopshop now available in Got Money mode
  • WWII elements on the map Carrier removed
  • Music in the map Training Area removed

Here's what one of their head haunchos, oraco, had to say:

SWAT Mod Beta V0.3 (weekly patch) Updated by oraco [March 13th, 2005]

Contents of this article:

0. Introduction 1. Issues resolved in this version. 2. Known issues. 3. Avoidable issues. 4. Additions and adjustments. 5. Installation Instructions. (Win & Linux) 6. Server Cvars and rotation examples. 7. Server & Client configurations.

Click here to view the full report: Patch Beta 0.3

- oraco

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Download 'swatbeta03_patch.zip' (14.26MB)

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