SWAT Mod Beta V0.4 Patch




The SWAT mod released its second patch recently to keep up with their weekly patch cycle. Take a look at the following information:

Following the weekly patch cycle, we have beta 0.4 version ready, below are the details about this release.

BETA 0.4 Details: USER_README04.doc

The patch will be uploaded in a few hours from now, when downloading the patch, please read the installation instruction for the patch carefully to avoid losing your configs.

Missing sound files Problem: Missing over 100 sound files when connecting to server.

Cause: Resetting the key controls to default after installation of SWAT mod, this resets the voice command keys as well. SWAT does not use the voice commands therefore the sound files are missing.

Solution: This can be avoided by instead of resetting your configuration to default, download the default config_mp.cfg from the www.swat-mod.com website.

Download the default client config here: download client config (Resets all keys to default CoD with "com_hunkmegs 256")

Download the default server dedicated config here: download server config

- oraco

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