SWAT Reloaded



Here's a new total conversion based off the old SWAT mod for CoD. PlusIce and Urded "spiced this mod up a bit" to bring back the action and excitement of that old successful TC with a handful of new maps and new weapon skins. Check it all out in the screenshots below, and give it a download! ;)




Swat_Reloaded Readme

Developer: PlusIce
Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding
Title: Swat_Reloaded
Version: 1.0

Overview: This a mod based off of Swat Mod. 
Me and my friend Urded spiced this mod up a bit.
By me adding new maps and weapon reskins.
This mod contains weapons from Revolt mod.

Table Of Contents
I.Files included
II.Install Guid
III. Credits

I.	zzz.swatreloaded.zip contains the following files:
	Dedicated.cfg (the server map list and cvar)
	A few screenshots

II.	Unzip zzz.swatreloaded.zip . 
	Windows XP or higher doesn't need software to up it. Others us WinZip or WinRaR
	Add "swatreloaded" folder so it looks like this
	C:/program files/call of duty/swatreloaded
	C:/Program Files/Call Of Duty Game The Year/swatreloaded
	Add z.update1.pk3 and swatreload.pk3 to the folder


Urded:  for doing most of the modding in the beginning. 
He Added the new player skins and revolt weapons.

Big Bang Theory: Beta Testing the mod

Everyone from SUB Clan who did beta testing for me

	Instrumental Ambient Sounds

swat_buck "get bucked" by Younk Buck
swat_love "Let Me Love you" Mario
swat_wanksta "Wankskta" 50 Cent
swat_money "I get money" 50 Cent
swat_dance "After the dance" Marvin Gaye
swat_break "break your neck" Busta Rhymes
swat_take "Takeover" Jay-Z
swat_know "want to get to know you"- G-Unit
swat_fresh "so fresh so clean"- OutKast
swat_move "Move Bitch"-Ludacris
swat_gone "When Im gone"- Eminem
swat_drop "Pop,Lock and drop it"- Baby Huey
swat_pipe "unnamed song"- Celtic Trance
swat_discovery ( -API-)
swat_panzermine (from pazermine map)
swat_trench (from trench map)

reticle_aug (Turambar)
reticle_g36 (Lan Clan)
reticle_f (Walter E.Kurtz)
	New Maps

swat_thehunt (Unknown)
swat_trenchville (SC)
swat_v2 (TFO Kilroy)
swat_corpsiege (CHK Cobra)
swat_italy (SF MadMax)
swat_ratskitchen (JohnyKCZ)
swat_severnaya (STD Mr. Rogers)
swat_Algiers (Conversion by HOW AMON_RA. Mohaa version by Sandman)
swat_brewery (Angry All Squatch Production)
swat_deathtrap (Nash)
swat_dust(VS UK)
swat_ironcross (Unknown)
swat_labyrinth (Ping Pong)
swat_lazertag (Nightmare)
swat_office (Nightmare)
swat_officespace (CCB Love A Lot)
swat_press2 (Unknown)
swat_raiders (AWOL Crew)
swat_smallville (CHK Cobra)


	New Sounds from ITOE MM8 (Messiah Complex)
	New Sounds from ITOE MM10 (Messiah Complex)
		Made by Messiah Complex
		Made by Pr0pens0 Al Suicidi0

		Weapon reskinns/new skins
AK47 (PlusIce)
AK74 (PlusIce)
M16 Bayo part (PlusIce)
M14 (PlusIce)
G3A3 (PlusIce)
Desert Eagle (PlusIce)
MP5 (PlusIce)
Sako (PlusIce)
Remington (PlusIce)
Sako (PlusIce)
G36 (Messiah Complex)
AUG (PlusIce)
"Jason" Criminal team skins (Messiah Complex)
"Delta" Swat team skins (FIRE|STARTER)
Health packs and bags (Aquired from ITOE mm10 mod)

		Loading screen
		Aquired from Haniballs UO mod
		Terrorist blast by warpig
		Background music
SWAT theme song from the 70's by the Ventures. 
Aquire from a music mod from rimshot.
		Smaller M4 xmodel
[FS] Sarge, Aquired from the FSv3 UO mod.
		AK47 mouse icon
[FS] Sarge, Aquired from the FSv3 UO mod.

		Humiliation death sound
Aquired from B50 paintball mod. Breaking 50 mod team
		New crosshairs
Aquired from ITOE mm10, made by Messiah Complex


You may run this mod on your server, Update this mod and take stuff from this mod.
As long is credit is given. I don't mind if you add my files to your websites and mirrors.
Just don't copy in paste reviews from filefront.

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