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Here's an awesome new multi-purpose utility for server admins wishing to maximize their clients' fun on the server by monitoring and maintaining the server. It includes functions as you usually see, such as an auto-kick tool, as well lots of other nonstandard features that should really catch your eye. ;) The list of features is humongous, so I'd rather not put it in here; instead, make sure you have a look at the ReadMe further down. After that has made its impression on you (and I know it will :) ), be sure to check out the screenshots below, and download this excellent server tool today!




Tatakai ServerScan v2.4.1
Author: Andiehuk
Clan: Tatakai
Contact: software at tatakai.co.uk
Website: http://software.tatakai.co.uk
Installation: Windows Only, run the set-up program which is very easy to follow.

ServerScan can be used in several different ways depending on what your trying to achieve. It can be run as a standalone scanner kicking players for violations, high pings etc as well as to send regular announcements. Many scanners do these tasks but not in the same way ServerScan does. We have a unique enforcement system. This ultimately makes playing on your server more pleasureable.

Built into ServerScan is a plethora of permissions. These are controlled by what we abtly named an RCON Key File. By using this file you can restrict what the ServerScan client is permitted to do on your server. With this control you are able to give all your paying Clan Members restricted access to your servers RCON. There is no need to give out the RCON password at anytime! This feature is unique to ServerScan.

Feature List:-
MOH and COD series fully supported
Unique Enforcement System
High Ping Check / Warning System
Timed Announcements
Admin Needed Alert
Daily server log rotation
Local / remote config execution
Major MOD support
Team Killing Protection
Cvar configuration 
Server config creation
Command processor
Gametype / Map rotation changes
PunkBuster functional
Client Authentication using htaccess
Localised / server based banning
Change the player list size
Informs player why they are being kicked
RCON commands log file
RCON Key File Creator
Software update notifier
Command Blocker facility
Welcomes players to your server
Automatic polling on start-up 
Unique Permissions based system
Unique Noob Detection System
DMW AC Detection
Player Connection Management 
Banning Exclusion List 
Many more, try if you don't believe us!

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