Tavern's SoundMod

New sounds for the following weapons :

Kar98k M1Carbine


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New sounds for the following weapons :

Kar98k M1Carbine

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Tun Tavern

File Information: 

This is my first public release of anything I have modded, I hope you enjoy it. 
What I've done is recoded the hand weapon sounds so they're much louder than previously ingame. 
Some are louder than others. I've also updated the firing sounds for the K98 and the M1 Carbine, as well as the rebolting and reloading sounds for the k98 used from a recording of the real thing.


Place User-TavernSounds.pk3 in your /main directory. Load up the game and enjoy.


Delete User-TavernSounds.pk3 from your /main directory.


If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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