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Here's an awesome map by a new developer in the database known as =TEX=. The map, appropriately named TEX's Battlefield, is sniper...


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Here's an awesome map by a new developer in the database known as [ARSR] =TEX=. The map, appropriately named TEX's Battlefield, is sniper-oriented and meant for Team Deathmatch with each team's side being bordered off from the other. As you can imagine, this is going to make for some insane long-range gunfights, so clean and adjust your iron sights, soldier. ;) Check out the screenshots below to see this "Battlefield" in-game, and download it today! :D

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Download 'texs_battlefield.zip' (3.27MB)

	Designed by [ARSR] =TEX=
Special Thanks to [ARSR] =ACIDRAIN= and [ARSR] samikaze for both of their work in scripting and visual editing!

Description:  TEXs_Battlefield is a TDM map designed to run with Call of Duty.  This is a sided map that is tailored to the sniper with borders that divide the map from North and South, thus disallowing any crossing from the opposite side.  This is map is somewhat large but not overwhelmingly big in that it is just as enjoyable with 20 players as it is with 4 players.  All of the sniping is directly in front of you, however every location provides a different angle which restricts view from another.     There are a few secret locations, certainly not hidden from the enemy's view, however most certainly a location one would never expect to look - roam around and see if you can find them!

installation Instructions:  Most pc users will be able to download this map in it's natural pk3 format, whereas some Mac users may download the file with an appended .zip to the name.  If you are a Mac user and get the file in a .zip format, just delete the .zip and add .pk3 in it's place so the file should look like this TEXs_Battlefield.pk3  Do not attempt to unzip it as this will not produce the pk3 file but rather the contents of the pk3.

Once downloaded, just drop into your Call of Duty/Main folder where the rest of your pk3s reside. 

Troubleshooting:   If you get any errors about not being able to find the .bsp file, delete the file and redownload.  

You may redownload from our clan ftp site:  http://www.arsr-clan.com/Main/TEXs_Battlefield.pk3 

Legal:  This file or any included within this file may not be distributed in any way without first contacting the developer.  No one may attempt to alter this file without first contacting the developer, in which that time proper recognition of the developer must be given on the levelshot of your adjusted map.

Contacting Developer:  I can be contacted within my clan forums of which are located at http://www.arsr-clan.com  One must register to post.  My name on there is 

If for some reason you can not contact me at the above forums, you can email me at arsrtx@yahoo.com

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