The Second Coming

Here we have a great alpha release of a fast paced action map which supports S&d - Bel - DM and TDM. The map in not fully complete but it st...


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Here we have a great alpha release of a fast paced action map which supports S&d - Bel - DM and TDM. The map in not fully complete but it still rocks and is great in all gametypes! Download it now and see for yourself :)

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Download '' (8.26MB)

The Second Coming - Alpha release

Legal stuff: Just, like, be cool, dig?

- Alpha release -

NOTES: This is the alpha release. This means there are still framerate issues as the map is only half celled off at the moment. There may also be some more detail to come if I can get the speed to an acceptable rate. Be warned, you'll need at least an average machine to run this map.

As Alpha testers, your main job is to find glaring bugs, holes in the world and major gameplay hiccups. The alpha release does not require extensive play testing at this stage, just get a feel for the map and look at the pretty world. The player clipping is very rudimentary at this stage, just enough to stop people disappearing into the void. Let me know where you get caught on door frames and furniture etc.

Also, there's no in-game map yet, so if anyone has any ideas for naming areas let me know.

LINUX ADMINS - I tried to debug for Linux boxes but have no idea if I was successful. Please, please give me a list of problems (and solutions if you have any) to get this map working on your server. I have developer and logfile set up but can't decode that crap.

I've also had a pure server issue lately. Whether it's related to this pk3 I don't know, but it shouldn't be. There's nothing new in here. Removing my mp folder (with the arena files) fixes it for some reason. Apologies if this map causes you to get kicked - please let me know if it does. But it shouldn't.

KNOWN BUGS: Framerate. Crappy water. Poor objective explosion SFX. Framerate.


Unzip the sc_alpha1.pk3 into your CallofDuty/main folder. The map will be available in the menu for supported gametypes.

The map:

Gametypes: 		S&D, BEL, DM and TDM.

Setting: Bombed out rural village with sewer system and plenty of cover. 2 objectives, both radios. There's a story to it in my head but I won't bore you with it. Shoot stuff.

Construction details:

Entities: 		927

Brushes:		8418

VIS data size:		1,431,856

Total playable area:	About 5,000 x 7,500 grid units top level
			About 1,500 x 2,000 grid units sewer system	

Spawn points: 		45 TDM 
			34 DM
			20 S&D per team

Compile: 		Fast vis (75 seconds)
			Flare -extra -5 diffusesamples. (2hrs 21 mins)

Custom shaders:		No.

Custom textures: 	Not yet, will come in the beta release


This map is part of a project to promote the new clan >2Co< and generate some interest. >2Co< is my new home and includes many original members from the OstFront clan. Other OF members have moved over to X clan, who run a kick ass server. Don't be an ass on there, it's my favorite server.

Thanks to the original .:OF:. clan, who are no longer playing CoD (they're playing MOHAA though). The idea came as I was applying as a recruit for the clan, and from many helpful hints and suggestions from it's members. Some of these people are in different clans now, but here's some names:

50Bones AKA 3 pump AKA Fiddy
Miguel Santiago
Mr. Oo[fj]ze
Polish Prince

Sorry if I forgot anyone.

There are other friends on the Wall of Duty - coming in the beta release.

Thanks to IWNation for hosting me and running great forums.


I need your sigs or tags to put in the game. The new rule is 128 x 128 image, as the map is a monster and I have to keep the size down. Also, one of you needs to do a tag graphic for the clan. I've got nothing at the moment. Please email me your sigs asap - and make the subject in the email relevant or I'll probably delete it as spam. The Clan sig can be 256 x 256.

See you in there,

BigBoyG A.K.A. >2Co<Motley


IRC: #2ndCo on GamesNET

MSN: Leave me alone

I welcome ANY and ALL feedback. If you don't like the way part of the map plays, let me know so I can make the next one better. Maybe one day I'll be good enough to do this for a living.

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