Tiger Hunt

Here we have a hugh map which supports DM, TDM, S&D, BEL and is reccomended for 12+ people. The map has a vast highley detail war enviorment...


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Here we have a hugh map which supports DM, TDM, S&D, BEL and is reccomended for 12+ people. The map has a vast highley detail war enviorment and has many close combat areas, Also in the map are many well placed sniper spots and two well placed MG42's. Download this map now and get it in your collection!! :rock:

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Download 'tigerhuntgschpusi.zip' (2.03MB)

mp_tigerhunt by Gschpusi

This is just another destroyed village theme map, but I think a very nice one. 
Compared to the crappy maps out there, this is a real beauty! Also it is a 
huge map, so at least 12 players should play it. 


- highly detailed destroyed environment
- close combat areas
- many many sniper spots
- 2 MG42's 
-huge terrain


Supported gametypes: DM, TDM, S&D, BEL

Supported players: 64

Nations: Waffen SS vs. American paratroopers

Build time: long, very long, read the Making of if you're interested

Known Bugs/errors: 

- some HOM effects (will fix it, when Retrieval is available)

- at one place the terrain doesn't fit (won't fix this)

- the edges of the map are really ugly (also won't fix that)


To install:

Just unzip the zzz_mp_tigerhunt.pk3 into your X:\cod\main folder, where 
X is the letter of your harddrive.

To uninstall: 

Just delete the file.


Making of:

The map started as a MoH: Spearhead map, namend "Vorsicht Tiger!", in which 
a tiger tank should drive through the village and shoot at the houses, 
which would be destroyed after it. But then I lost interest in MoH and the map was forgotten. 
Until the day the CoD Radiant came out (about 9 months had passed). I thought: OK, there's a 
new game, a new Radiant, a new chance. So I tried to include the driving tank into this map, 
just to discover that the singleplayerscripts don't work in multiplayermaps. But I had to resize 
the whole map and add a lot of houses and terrain to it. I just couldn't stop. I was too far into it. 
So I kept mapping. And what can I say, it looks brilliant, my best work until now.


Thank you's and greets to the following sites:

The whole ={ELITE}= Clan (www.elite-funclan.de) / for testing and critics

.map (http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/%7Emap/callofduty/index.php) / really good tutorials

level-designer.de (www.level-designer.de) / also very good tutorials

http://bzflag.free.fr/cod/index.php / made model placing alot easier


Thank you's and greets to the following ppl:


Supercramer aka El commandanté


the mighty Wolfthron

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