|ToF|Death's Rifle Only Mod

Gotta say well done for a cool little mod.


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Gotta say well done for a cool little mod.

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Download 'deathsriflemod.zip' (126KB)

|ToF|Death's Rifle Only Mod

Files Included:
1) zzzriflemod.pk3
2) rifle.cfg
3) readme.txt

Email - [email protected]
MSN - [email protected]
TeamSpeak -
CoD Server -

Extract the zzzriflemod.pk3 into your main folder and your ready to go...ALMOST!
You must run a config file with your server to turn off rifles.
I have uncluded the one I use on my server.

1) Rifles Only (When running the correct config)
2) No Pistols (Pistols do not show up at ALL)
3) There are no Americans. All Americans have been replaced by Russians and British.
4) The rifles have limited ammo.
5) You get 1 grenade and it cooks.
6) The Enfield has a 5 ammo clip and can be reloaded in mid-clip.

If you have any suggestions please contact me at any of my conatct points listed above.

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