Here we have a great map which supports the gametypes DM - TDM - S&D - HQ and BEL. The map is massive and it is concentrated around the Univ...


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Here we have a great map which supports the gametypes DM - TDM - S&D - HQ and BEL. The map is massive and it is concentrated around the Univermag Department store, The map is also covered in snow and has lots of places for a fast paced game with lots of run and gun action included. Download it now and go see for yourself :)

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Download 'univermag.zip' (5.65MB)

                           --- Univermag ---

                       ----- CoD Multiplayer-----

Supported gametypes:



Map by            :Drecks

Scripting by      :Innocent Bystander

Testing & Advice  :AHZ WW2 Gaming Community
                   Painkiller,Innocent Bystander and all the others who took 
                   time to slap my head with all the mistakes I made. :-)
                   Vistit the ultimate Gaming community after-hourz.com at :


Place zzz_mp_Univermag in your Call of Duty/Main directory


I want to thank the CoD community for providing tutorials which give me more
knowledge about portals. Slyks patience when i keep on hammering his head to 
tell me more about portals. The Portal video tutorials made by Wyatt Earp.


About the map:

     It's a big open map concentrated around the Univermag department store
     With many good places to fight. 
     Started as TDM - DM later on decided to add S&D so now you can choose to blow 
     up the Axis last fuel or blast one of there radio's away.    

     After finishing the map testsessions learned that FPS was way to bad 
     so i had to learn portals. This took a lot of time. At most places you 
     will have good FPS but when go up in ther real high buildings especcially 
     the big ruined open building you will notice FPS can drop.
     The working mortars and playing radio's are provided by my scriptguru 
     Innocent Bystander who also did the scripting for Gunassault.


     Historical information:

     By November 23, 6th Army was encircled when Soviet forces linked at Sovietski 
     west of Stalingrad, placing a noose around the neck of the trapped Nazi forces 
     in the city. Erich von Manstein (original name, von Lewinski), attempted to break 
     through the Soviet ring around the city and relieve the German forces by launching 
     a German attack from the south, the relief action known as Operation Winter Storm. 
     Manstein made progress and advanced steadily until the Russians called in reserves 
     that stopped the advance 35 miles from Stalingrad. The fate of 6th Army was now sealed. 
     They were a doomed army. Paulus debated on whether a breakout should be attempted but 
     Hitler ordered that Paulus should hold his ground and not retreat from Stalingrad. 
     On January 24 1943 ,Paulus had ordered that no food be given to the 30,000 wounded and sick 
     German and Axis troops in order to conserve food. The end was approaching for the 6th Army 
     as they began to run out of food and ammunition. 

     30 January   Special radio broadcast by Goering on the anniversary of Hitler's accession 
     to power. 

        "Even a thousand years from now Germans will, with sacred awe, 
        speak the word 'Stalingrad'. They'll remember that there Germany's 
        ultimate victory was sealed forever."

     You can hear this original speech in the map !!!!!!!!!!

     Paulus, at his headquarters in the basement of the Univermag department store, signaled Hitler: 
     'The swastika flag is still flying above Stalingrad. 
     May our battle be an example to the present and coming generations, 
     that they must never capitulate even in a hopeless situation, for them Germany 
     will emerge victorious.' Hitler now decided to promote Paulus to Field Marshal 
     in the hope that he would commit suicide rather than surrender. 
     A number of other officers in the pocket were also promoted.

     31 January   Paulus surrendered.
     This happened at 19:45 hours local time and after the Univermag building had been surrounded, 
     it was Vassili Chuikov’s Sixty-Second Army which had the honour of accepting his surrender. 
     The northern pocket continued to fight on.

     2 February   The northern pocket surrendered.
     This had been reduced to a small area around the Tractor Works and was subjected to a final 
     massive bombardment with a density of guns of no less than 300 per kilometre. 
     The battle for Stalingrad was now over.



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