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This is a skin made by the clan . It looks like a coalation soldier.


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This is a skin made by the clan [USMC]. It looks like a coalation soldier.

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Originally created for clan [USMC] - www.5150studios.net/usmc (temporary site) - authored by Euthanasia

NOTES: Authentic WWII camo swatch from '43-'44 late model USMC uniform. Sorry about the lack of "action" screenshots, but I couldn't find anyone to test with or upload to a server until much later, so you'll have to settle for modeled pics of a dead guy, lol. I have been told that the skin appears light. This may be a gamma issue that will vary from user to user as it looks totally fine on my rig. The skinning process involves some overlaying to preserve creases, folds and highlights from the original Airborne skin, which does carry over to the modified skin. Consider the uniform to be "worn-looking."


- M1938 leggings over stock boondockers.
- USMC and globe silkscreened on shirt pocket.
- Limited gear (bandolier only)

INSTALLATION: Most of you probably know the drill, but to those of you who do not, simply unpack the ZIP file and place the "user-usmc.pk3" into your CoD\main folder. To "uninstall" the skin from your game remove the aforementioned pk3 file from your CoD\main folder.

Euth (jb@5150studios.net)

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