Here we have my personal favourite map. It has been out for awhile but it was, up till now, unavailable on CoDFiles, so here it is. It is ba...


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Here we have my personal favourite map. It has been out for awhile but it was, up till now, unavailable on CoDFiles, so here it is. It is basically a blend of Dawnville from SP into MP. Its an amazing map, with lots of scripting, cool hiding places and hours of fun. So all you server owners download it now and leave some IPs so people can play this piece of art. :rock::rock::rock:

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===       *VARAVILLE v1.0*       === 
===           Multi-Player       ===
=== Release Date: April 23, 2004 ===
This map is highly recommended for the Conquest TDM (CNQ) game type.
It also supports DM, TDM, and BEL.  

Extract the zzz_mp_varaville.pk3 file to your /main folder.
Map by:  Mark 'Slyk' Dittman
Scripting:  Innocent Bystander
Beta Lead:  Painkiller
Beta Testing:  Innocent Bystander, Painkiller, Poopybuttocks, 
 Shep, Seeker/Fart, and dozens more members at
After Hourz is proud to introduce "Varaville" for Call of Duty! 

The second in a series of 'Conquest' (cnq) gametype maps, 'VV' will provide you
with an intense TDM meets Tug-of-War mayhem that no other game type has approached.  
Varaville continues the CNQ mantra of "Team work is not an option, it is a 
necessity".  Teams struggle to attack and defend key positions across the length 
of a diverse and dynamic battlefield.  Conquest will force you to work together 
to defend flanks, assault dug in positions, provide cover fire, and generally 
experience the true nature of the danger of a collapsed flank or threat of 
enemy in your rear. 
'VV' features a number of dynamic spawns related to the position that you 
currently control.  Attacking, capturing and holding ground and structures and 
that sector's control switch is vital to advance your team spawns and throw the 
enemy back onto his own base.  Five sector switches are fought over and a bonus 
switch at either end of the map will award the capturing team a huge 25 kill bonus.  
Individual points of control are 10 these add up and promote team work 
to acheive victory! 
Map/Mode components: 
- CONQUEST TDM game mode (cnq), 5 objective layout plus bonus objective. 
  Capture each objective in order to advance your team spawns and push the 
  enemy back into their base.
- Intelligent switch hints. Approach a switch, it will display a 'hint' to you. 
  For example: "Press [USE] to take control of the COMPANY HQ and advance 
  your team spawns."
- Scripting that tells everyone WHO/PLAYER name that flipped a switch.
- Bonus points to the player's team when an objective is captured.
- Special effects including fires, flak, a working mortar, planes, and other 
  nice additions for ambient feel.
- Enhanced defensive positions that promote teamwork and flanking attacks.
- Larger play area to allow for more dynamic battles...real flanks and tactical 
- Additional modes supported include: - DM, TDM, and BEL
- And more... 

About the Battle of Varaville:
The name for this map and the choice of team selections was inspired by the 
actions of the 1st Canadian Parachute Regiment, who were dropped into occupied 
France with the objective of taking the village of Varaville, northeast of Caen. 
Their mission was to protect the left flank of the main British assault on D-Day, 
and taking Varaville and blowing up a bridge in the town was a key part of that 
mission. While not intended to be historically accurate, this map honors the men 
of the 1st Canadian Parachute Regiment and their actions during the invasion and 
days afterward. 

I want to thank Innocent Bystander for all of his long hours of devotion to 
making the scripting of this beast work.  I also need to thank Painkiller, the 
lead beta tester, for his dedication and vision to improve 'Dawnville' and 
to create 'Varaville'.  Additonal thanks to all the admins and beta testers 
who contributed tons of hours, input, and other forms of assistance to this project. 
Thanks again to the After Hourz community.  You are the best.
After Hourz
Competitive public game servers and community


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