Here we have an update of one of my favourite maps. The update adds a few new areas and compatibilty with new gametypes. It's a great map an...


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Here we have an update of one of my favourite maps. The update adds a few new areas and compatibilty with new gametypes. It's a great map and a worthy download so download it and levae some feedback.

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===       *TOWN ASSAULT PUBLIC BETA*         === 
===           Multi-Player           ===
=== Release Date: November 20, 2004 ===

This map supports:
	CNQ - Conquest
	RE  - Retrival is NOT supported in this version
	DOM - Domination is NOT supported in this version

Players:  Any number.  Recommend 4+.


Installation Instructions:

     Place mp_uo_varaville.pk3 in your Call of Duty/UO
     While it will run and play well in other gametypes, this 
     map is built and tuned to run best using the Conquest TDM (CNQ)
     gametype. Server admins who wish to run it in this mode will
     need the CNQ gametype files for their servers. Clients do not 
     need this file. It can be obtained from the Conquest TDM home
     page at After Hourz,
     On rare occasions some players may have problems loading the map. 
     If this occurs, try the following:
     Start COD:UO, and bring down your console using the tilde ("~") key.
     At the prompt type this:
     	 /seta com_hunkmegs "256"
     Now try to restart the game again. If you have any other problems
     email the author or stop by the After Hourz forums and we'll be 
     happy to help.

Map modifications by:  Mark 'Slyk' Dittman
Original map by Infintity Ward
Special thanks to Andreas "[126th]Batten" Almgren for
the new loading screen.

Introducing 'Varaville' for Call of Duty-United Offensive! 
Varvaille supports one new UO game type, Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy from the original CoD options and features the ever popular 'CONQUEST' game type.

Varaville_UO is an enhanced version of the Spring 2004 release.  This version supports portable MGs and the additional two gametypes.  The maps has been modified in a number of ways.  The chicken coop/graveyard area is now accessible in various gamemodes and other minor tweaks have been done to contribute to overall performance and play. 
Map/Mode components: 
- CONQUEST mode (.cnq) Capture each objective IN order to advance your team spawns and push the enemy back onto their base. 
- Intelligent switch hints. Approach a switch, it will display a 'hint' to you. For example: "Press [USE] to take control of the HOUSE and advance your team spawns." 
- Scripting that tells everyone WHO/PLAYER name that flipped a switch. 
- Bonus points to the player's team when an objective is captured. 
- Special effects..smoking ruins in the distance, other nice additions for ambient feel. 
- Enhanced defensive positions that promote teamwork and flanking attacks. 
- Larger play area to allow for more dynamic battles..real flanks and tactical choices. 
- Additional modes supported include: CTF, DM, TDM, BEL, S&D and HQ 
- And more... 
I want to thank all the admins and beta testers who contributed tons of hours, input, and other forms of assistance to this project.




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