Zgundamn's Realisim Mod

A simple SP realism mod, focusing on weapon physics and a few AI tweaks.

A very good realism mod for any folks out there w...


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File Description
A simple SP realism mod, focusing on weapon physics and a few AI tweaks.

A very good realism mod for any folks out there who love realism! Download it now and leave feedback on it!

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Download 'zgundamsrealismmod.zip' (3.39MB)

***ZGundam's Realism Mod***

-Single player only
-Meant to be played in veteran difficulty

A. Installation
	1-Extract the zip to program files/call of duty/main
	2-Ive separated the AI changes from the weapon changes if case you want to remove 	either

B.Weapon Changes(heavilly modified versions of WCP reality mod weapons)
	1-Weapon recoil changed based on  the recoil formula found in 

	WG = Weight of gun in pounds
	WB = Weight of bullet in grains
	WP = Weight of powder charge in grains
	VB = Muzzle velocity of bullet in f/s
	I = Interim number (Recoil Impulse in lb/sec)
	VG = Recoil velocity of gun (f/s)
	EG = Recoil energy of gun (ft lb)

	I = [(WB * VB) + (WP * 4000)] / 225218

	VG = 32.2 * (I / WG)

	EG = (WG * VG * VG) / 64.4

	Ive also taken in consideration recoil buffers and muzzle breaks

	2-Bob factor changed based on weapon weigth

	3-The idle amount(How steady the players hand is in game) changed based on weapon weigth

	4-Aim down the sigth time changed based on weigth
	5-Scopes made smaller

	6-Bren firing animation removed(The way in wich the animation played made it look like it had more recoil than it really does. kar98k also has this problem, 		migth fix in next version)

	7-Switched the grenade slot with primary slot, so now only 1 primay and you can switch between the two types of nades you have, so change the key 	layout 		acordingly.(Unfortunatly, the game switches to nades instead of pistol when you run 	outa primary ammo, migth fix this next version)

	8-Included the ppsh shell effects from one of xxezekilelxx's mods

	9-New flashes and smoke effects based on the amount of gun powder the bullet had

	10-Less ammo droped from enemies

	11-Accuracy more or less the same,except the ppsh, and other sligth changes(cant simulate bullet drop or damage dropoff, so I had to make it up with 		innacuracy for pistol ammo)

	12-Hip firing animations switched with ads animations for some weapons(cause weapons like the ppsh didnt look rigth)

	13-Hip acuracy based on weigth and gun accuracy, and no decrease in accuracy when you fire, the recoil takes care of it

	14-Of course no crosshairs(except mg42, flak88, flak vierling, and ptrs), or tracers

	15-Raise and drop time based on weapon weigth

	16-Changed damage(Doubled the damage, cause the player health in veteran is 200, and decreased the enemy hit tables by half, so now you have the same hp 		as the AI)

	17-Bigger flashes for weapons with muzzle breaks

	18-Slowed down the reload animations for the BAR, Bren and ppsh(used rifle platoons reload sounds)

	19-Zoom in for non scoped decreased(Not completly cause some of the gun modles didnt look rigth)

	20-Sway based on weigth(didnt change it TOO much cause some of the gun models didnt look rigth)

	21-Increased effective and max range for allied weapons, so your budies can get kills

	22-Sniper rifle sounds same as rifle counterparts

	23-Bullet holes permanent, and smaller

	24-Nade explosion range,damage,max amount and throw time modified

	25-Ptrs explosion range decreased and damage increased

	26-Loadout in levels based on how much you can apreciate the weapon in that level, so in hurtgen you can cover your buddies, so I give you a BAR(still not 	working 100% correctly, i cant seem to change some of the loadouts)

	I think thats all of it...

C-AI changes(from various mods)

	1-Budies plain out better shots, so they have some impact on the battle, instead of just being meat shields(balanced this by decreasing theyr health to 100, like 		the enemy AI
	2-AI handles nades better(DK's realism mod)

	3-Ai shoots faster in between shots

	4-A few fixes for some of the levels

	5-Names from WCP I believe

	6-A few character skins i liked from DK's realism mod

	7-Other AI fixes from wpc's realism mod and DK's realism mod

D-Developer info
	Email- gf97hanyou@hotmail.com
	contact me if you are interested in helping with this mod
E- Next version, maybe

	1- Maybe mess with sound alias files(make weapons with muzzle breaks louder, and things like that)
	2-The tank levels, wich are unchanged, cause I want to make the shells faster, but I'm gonna have to see if its possible to avoid enemy shells like this
	3-The ligth that muzzle flashes cast
	4-Fix some trouble with the weapon loadout
	5-Anything else, will depend on feedback and or interest in helping out

F- Thanks
	Korean War Weapons, History, Combat photos - http://www.rt66.com/~korteng/SmallArms/arms.htm#weapons
	Fr Frogs Weapon Q an A - http://home.sprynet.com/~frfrog2/qalist.htm
	Modern Firearms and Ammunition - http://world.guns.ru/main-e.htm
	Other sites wich I dont remember their name
	DK's realism mod
	WCP realism
	Rifle platoon
	Google's handy conversion function
	Infinity Ward
	Gonna plug Call of Duty : Finest Hour here, cause its not getting the attention it deservs

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