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Here's a quick update to Paulus' Zombies CoD Gametype. This one features all the same crazy and unique gameplay ideas as the first but with...


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Here's a quick update to Paulus' Zombies CoD Gametype. This one features all the same crazy and unique gameplay ideas as the first but with some extra fixes to keep your game bug-free. ;) Make sure you see the ReadMe below for some detailed info on this carnage, check out the screens below, and download this sweet new gametype now! :thumbsup:

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Download 'zombies_cod_gametypev1.1_by_paulus.zip' (23KB)

--====Zombies Gametype for CoD By Paulus====--
paulus#cod @ googlemail . com (remove spaces and #)

Hopefully an interesting gametype that will provide many hours of fun!

The main idea is to kill the zombies with your pistol. Zombies must
melee (see below for more details).

You might particularly like:
 - The errie darkness that now envelopes the level (by default)
 - The thirdperson zombies (by default)
 - The terrifying music and whistling wind :o (which is actually taken from
                                               single player so does not create
                                               a large file)
 - The regenerating zombie health
 - The adjustable speeds, healths, regeneration and thidperson views. 
                                        (just about everything is customisable)
 - The gametype itself :D

---Installation for Call of Duty---

Extract the two .pk3 files into your Call of Duty/Main folder.
It should compatible with all teamdeathmatch maps.
The client version is downloaded to anyone connecting to your server. If
auto-downloads are disabled then the client will see a message similar to:


The file is needed only to allow music files from single player to be referenced.

---The Gametype---

The game consists of zombies (Axis) and zombie killers (Allies).

The zombie killers cannot stand up (very well) and only have a pistol.
They must try and kill as many zombies as possible and can only gain points by
moving (this prevents camping, which is especially important because the zombies
cannot shoot...and no, you cannot just move around in small circles - you have to 
move out of a certain radius after gaining a point).
When a zombie killer is killed by a zombie, they become a zombie also.

The zombies have no ammo and therefore must melee the zombie killers. By default
they start with 1 grenade and are in thridperson. The thirdperson view gives them
a great advantage as they can see round corners. The zombie killers also show up
on the radar (with an optional delay - default = no delay).
There are generally more zombies than zombie killers. To become human again
(Allied), the zombies must kill 2 (by default) zombie killers.

It all becomes much easier once you start playing...and you will find that you
really get into atmosphere (it's very fun toying with the zombie killers when you
are a zombie :D )

Due to the fact that things such as speed and health can be adjusted, the game
can be played in many different ways. The default mode is of play is zombies 
slightly faster than zombie killers (so they can be stealth and crouch), zombies
have double health. This quite balanced, but you my enjoy other combinations such
as slow zombies with more health or super fast zombies with hardly any health at 
all :P

---The cvars---

The following cvars can be used to customise the gametype. Many are similar to
the Behind Enemy Lines, as this is what I based the gametype on:

scr_zom_timelimit		The Time Limit of the game - default: 50; max:1440;
scr_zom_scorelimit		The Score Limit - default: 50
scr_zom_alivepointtime		The number of seconds between giving points - default: 10
scr_zom_positiontime		The delay in showing Allied players' positions on the radar - default: 0
scr_zom_respawndelay		The delay when respawning - default: 0
scr_zom_showoncompass		Whether or not the Allied players show up on the compass - default: 1

The following cvars are used to prevent certain weapons being placed, even if they are enabled on the server.
Default for all is 0.


The default health in CoD normally is 100.
The default speed for a player in CoD normally is 190.

scr_zom_returnkills		The number of kills needed to return to being an Allied player - default: 2
scr_zom_fog			Whether or not the level is played in darkness (black fog) - default: 0
scr_zom_axisHealth		The health of the zombies - default: 200
scr_zom_alliesHealth		The health of the zombie killers - default: 100
scr_zom_axisSpeed		The speed of the zombies - default: 220
scr_zom_alliesSpeed		The speed of the zombie killers - default: 170
scr_zom_axisRegenerate		The number of units of health that zombies will repawn each second - default: 3
scr_zom_alliesRegenerate	The number of units of health that zombie killers will repawn each second - default: 3
scr_zom_axisNades		The number of grenades that the zombies will spawn with -  default: 1
scr_zom_alliesNades		The number of grenades that the zombie killers will spawn with -  default: 0
scr_zom_axisThirdPerson		Whether the zombies will be in thirdperson mode - default: 1
scr_zom_alliesThirdPerson	Whether the zombie killers will be in thirdperson mode - default: 0

--Other notes---

I am relatively new to modding in general and this is my first ever mod. The
scripting will no doubt be a bit messy, so I appologise for that.

Please could you could mention my name if you ever use anything from this mod
in your own work, although I doubt you will as it is really nothing very complex.

Also, thanks to 'c1 clan for all their help and support...and I suppose for
actually coming up with the zombies idea in the first place :P

This mod has not been tested that much and I may update it often as I am a
bit of a perfectionist - I've forced myself to release this now even though
I want to add a few more features.

I am aware of the strangly large number of unfortunate people who seem to
think it is fun to "hack" while playing Call of Duty. This game will not be
fun with hacks - any "no fog" hacks would completely ruin the darkness effect.
It will therefore be pretty obvious if someone was to join a zombies server with
hacks on, as they would be able to see everyone very easily. I hope server hosts
will ask people to "Please turn off any hacks if playing zombies because you will
not enjoy it otherwise!!!!" (I am of course against hacking in general but it
would particularly ruin this gametype)

I hope you enjoy this gametype!
Questions, comments, suggestions:
paulus#cod @ googlemail . com (remove spaces and #)

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