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I'm not sure what CoD players' obsession with zombies is all about (e.g. Zombies gametype, Zombies mode for CoD5, etc.), but well here's another mod for all you zombie lovers out there. :P If you have a thing for the undead, check out the screenshots and give it a try. :)




|...::ZOMBIES MOD::...|
|By Maciusiak & Millan|

Game: Call of Duty 1 (v.1.1)
Mod: Zombies Mod
Version: beta 0.1
Language: English/Polish
New gametype: zombie (zom)

Zombie mod is 1st zombie mod for CoD 1.1,
Axis are zombies, because 2000000 peoples died on the 1st axis nuclear bomb test.
After that, dead peoples genetic code was changed and thats peoples are now zombi.
Allieds are recruit zombie killers, to kill all zombies!

Unpack zzz_zombies_beta01.pk3 to Call of Duty/Main directory and run the game.

Maciusiak - Zombies project leader, script writer, menu editor, weapons maker, skins, zom gametype maker.
Millan - zombies logo, menu changer/editor, music, script writer, skins maker, sounds maker.

New cvars:
scr_zom_noc (1-0) - ULTRA NIGHT MODE!                  (default 0, you can se changes after map restart)
scr_zom_allyrd (1-0) - 3rd person camera for allies    (default 1, you can se changes after resspawn)
scr_zom_zombird (1-0) - 3rd person camera for zombi    (default 0, you can se changes after resspawn)
scr_zom_allyhp (1-9999) - hp for allies                (default 100, you can se changes after resspawn)
scr_zom_zombihp (1-9999) - hp for zombi                (default 1750, you can se changes after resspawn)

scr_zom_timelimit      - round time limit              (default 50)
scr_zom_scorelimit     - player points limit           (default 300)
scr_zom_respawndelay   - allies respawn delay          (default 3)
scr_zom_showoncompass  - show allies on zombi compass  (default 1, 1-0)
scr_friendlyfire       - friendly fire                 (default 0, 1-0)
scr_drawfriend         - draw friend                   (default 1, 1-0)

Sometimes on zombie serwers you can have unpure client,i dont now why because all time its be ok.
You can edit all server options in game type menu "ustawienia trybu gry".
To start serwer go to "stworz serwer" menu. To join game go to "dolacz do walki" menu.
If you are creating zombie serwer, please add "|^1zombies mod" or "|^1zombies" on the end of server name.
Mod runs only on CoD 1.1!

pl. dolacz do walki  eng. join fight
pl. stworz serwer    eng. create server
pl. autorzy          eng. authors/credits
pl. wyjdz            eng. exit
pl. opcje mp         eng. mp options
pl. opcje gry        eng. game options

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