ZZZ Scorpios CTF Gamemode

Here we have a mod that adds the gametype CTF. Check the read me below to find out more :)


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Here we have a mod that adds the gametype CTF. Check the read me below to find out more :)

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Download 'zzz_scorpios_ctf_gamemode_v1_1b.zip' (16KB)

// CoD [Call of Duty] Server side mod. CTF gamemode [Capture the Flag]
// (c) ScorpioMidget
// Nov 2003
// Version 1.2beta
// found bugs or want new features ?
// send email to [email protected]
// or drop me a line @ www.scorpiomidget.com
// or drop me a line @ www.iwnation.com/Forums
// or drop me a line @ www.modtheater.com/forums

Install the file "zzz-scorpios_ctf_gamemode.pk3" in the 'main' folder.

Add these cvars into your config_mp.cfg file, else CoD won't remember the settings when you change them.
seta scr_ctf_timelimit "3"
seta scr_ctf_scorelimit "30"
seta scr_ctf_showbasesoncompass "1"
seta scr_ctf_showflagsoncompass "1"
seta scr_ctf_respawnflags "30"

Added a proto-type CTF mode.
Currently it's more of a CTB (Capture the Booze) coz there isn't a flag model, but there were bottles of beer :).
It only works on mp_brecourt currently.
Please test this new game mode and give me some feedback on www.iwnation.com/Forums
allies have to steal the axis beer and return to there barrel.
axis have to steal the allied beer and return to there barrel.
default is 3 steals to win, 30mins timelimit.

scr_ctf_timelimit // Time limit per map, default 30 (minutes)
scr_ctf_scorelimit // Team Score limit per map, default 3 (must capture and return 3 enemy flags)

scr_ctf_showbasesoncompass // default is 1 = on
scr_ctf_showflagsoncompass // default is 1 = on

scr_ctf_respawnflags // default is 30 (seconds)

V1.1 fixes bugs in 1.0

messages, are no longer bold in center of screen, moves to top left.
markers always stay on compass.

V1.1 introduces new features:

icons appear when you can pickup/drop the flag.
flags have updated position on compass.

markers and flags have different compass icons.
markers and/or flags on compass can be disabled.

Allow multiple flags per map.
Looks for cvars to specify number of flags and positions.
  |...> If no valid cvars, looks for the flag/marker positions in the map bsp.

[.map Setup]
add 1 'script_model' per team.
    allies = ctf_allied_base
    axis = ctf_axis_base
* this is where that team has to drop stolen flags to get points	

add 1 or more 'script_model' for each team flag.
    allies = ctf_allied_flag
    axis = ctf_axis_flag

[Cvar setup]
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_originx <originx> e.g. &quot;100&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_originy <originy> e.g. &quot;-300&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_originz <originz> e.g. &quot;33&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_anglesp <anglesp> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Pitch}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_anglesr <anglesr> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Roll}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_anglesy <anglesy> e.g. &quot;54&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Yaw}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedbase_model <model> [optional, will default to xmodel/barrel_black1]

scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflags <number of allied flags>
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_originx <originx> e.g. &quot;100&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_originy <originy> e.g. &quot;-300&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_originz <originz> e.g. &quot;33&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_anglesp <anglesp> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Pitch}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_anglesr <anglesr> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {roll}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_anglesy <anglesy> e.g. &quot;54&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {yaw}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag1_model <model> [optional, will default to xmodel/bottle_beer]
... scr_ctf_<mapname>_alliedflag<X> repeat above for number of flags you want

scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_originx <originx> e.g. &quot;100&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_originy <originy> e.g. &quot;-300&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_originz <originz> e.g. &quot;33&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_anglesp <anglesp> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Pitch}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_anglesr <anglesr> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Roll}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_anglesy <anglesy> e.g. &quot;54&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Yaw}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_angles <angles> [optional, will default to (0,0,0)]
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisbase_model <model> [optional, will default to xmodel/barrel_black1]

scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflags <number of axis flags>
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_originx <originx> e.g. &quot;100&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_originy <originy> e.g. &quot;-300&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_originz <originz> e.g. &quot;33&quot;
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_anglesp <anglesp> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {Pitch}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_anglesr <anglesr> e.g. &quot;0&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {roll}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_anglesy <anglesy> e.g. &quot;54&quot; [optional, will default to 0] {yaw}
scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag1_model <model> [optional, will default to xmodel/bottle_beer]
... scr_ctf_<mapname>_axisflag<X> repeat above for number of flags you want

<origin> = &quot;(x,z,y)&quot;
<angles> = &quot;(pitch,yaw,roll)&quot;
<model> = &quot;xmodel/<name>&quot;

Example of setting up cvars for mp_brecourt *:
* note this is the minimum values, for 1 flag per team, and default angles/models

seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedbase_originx &quot;-3175&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedbase_originy &quot;1746&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedbase_originz &quot;33&quot;

seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedflags &quot;1&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedflag1_originx &quot;-3175&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedflag1_originy &quot;1746&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_alliedflag1_originz &quot;73&quot;

seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisbase_originx &quot;3603&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisbase_originy &quot;-1434&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisbase_originz &quot;-34&quot;

seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisflags &quot;1&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisflag1_originx &quot;3603&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisflag1_originy &quot;-1434&quot;
seta scr_ctf_mp_brecourt_axisflag1_originz &quot;6&quot;


fixed a nasty bug that stopped v1.1 loading if you didn't have my server mod.

Future ideas:

Not atm.
open to suggestions.

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