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Call of Duty Call of Duty 4 - Three New Videos at

Thanks again to JoshyGamer for pointing out that has got three new videos for you to watch with Call of Duty 4 in mind. ;) Click here to see the "E3 2007 MS Press Conference Live Demonstration," "Multiplayer Beta Interview," and "E3 2007 On Stage Demonstration" videos and remember to leave your comments below. -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty Call of Duty for Nintendo DS - 13 Screenshots

Here's a quick little update that I'm sure some of you will be interested in. :) We've got 13 new screenshots of the Call of Duty game for Nintendo DS; check them out below, and enjoy! -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty Call of Duty 4 - E3 2007 Trailer Released

There's a new Call of Duty 4 trailer just begging you to watch it. :) Click here to view this Russian-themed trailer, and leave your comments below! ;) -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty A Day at the Ward with Call of Duty 4

The fine folks at Infinity Ward recently opened the studio doors to allow community members a sneak peek Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the game that will be occupying our free time for years to come. We had all seen the trailer, and thought we knew what to expect from the Call of Duty masters, but what was delivered was far more than we could have hoped fo...


Call of Duty MP44 Makes Return to Call of Duty 4

Interestingly enough, a weapon from the original WWII-themed Call of Duty franchise will be brought into the modern-themed upcoming Call of Duty 4. Thanks to user NXG_veXed for describing how he came about the information that the MP44 will be in CoD4, available to some militiamen as a surplus firearm. You'll have to sign up for membe...


Call of Duty CoD4 New "Deep Impact" Video

Click here to see the Call of Duty 4 video section on, and check out the "Deep Impact" video for a look at a new feature in CoD4. I've got mixed feelings about this, but we'll discuss it in the comments below. ;) -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty Call of Duty 4 - New Video Interview on Multi-Player Content

Thanks to JoshyGamer for giving us the heads-up on this tidbit! There's a new multi-player content video interview out at Click here to check it out! ;) -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty CoD4: Modern Warfare - 10 PC/Console Screenshots!

Call of Duty Infobase has got 10 new screenshots of the upcoming CoD title, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. These screens confirm that the game will be on both PC and consoles; there are five screenshots for each. I believe these are considered exclusive content, so please click here to check them out at their source! :thumbsup: -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty Incredible CoD4 3D Interactive Screenshot Released!

The developers at have released a new 3D screenshot of a scene from the upcoming Call of Duty 4. This interactive, 360-degree QuickTime screenshot lets you take in all the details and realism of the game as it actually appears -- this is all in-game footage! Now I'm pretty sure this is considered exclusive content, so I'm not actually...