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Call of Duty Call of Duty 5 Launch Trailer Released!

Just today Treyarch has released the launch trailer for Call of Duty: World at War. This game is looking pretty intense! :thumbsup: Click me for the high definition video


Call of Duty New Call of Duty 3 Video at GameSpot - Official Trailer #2!

We've got content coming in by the truckload for Call of Duty 3, and it's looking better every day! Console gamers will be pleased by this successor to award-winning Call of Duty 2: Big Red One. The new CoD game is set for release on the next-gen consoles, so keep your eyes peeled for its debut in...


Call of Duty Call of Duty 3 - 4 Brand New Screenshots from GameSpot!

As many of you clearly understand, Call of Duty 3 will only be released for the next-gen consoles and not the PC. Regardless of whether console games are modded or not and whether they belong here on this site, I find it personally interesting to track the progress in the series, even if some of yo...


Call of Duty New Community Devoted to Call of Duty Movies

We've got some great news for you aspiring action film directors out there! :) A Call of Duty player like you (goes by the name of "Fault") has taken it upon himself to start up a community forums central for CoD movie-making topics of discussion. What's cool is that it's not just limited to the a...


Call of Duty Saving Private Ryan Movie Recreation Needs Help

Here's a concise help request from the SPR movie project guys who plan on recreating much of Saving Private Ryan in our own Call of Duty. :) Read it below, and help 'em out! We are trying to make a decent long Saving Private Ryan movie. I've already got a few friends to help; now I need some oth...


Call of Duty File Update: Hacking Videos

We will no longer be uploading videos of hacks ingame, this is because the staff team feel it is unnecessary to post these files as well all know what hacking looks like ingame and it should not be encouraged. Thank you for your understanding.


Call of Duty Call to Arms Episode II Releasing Soon!

Hey there CoD Fans! Here is some news on the Call to Arms movie series! Read on! Call to Arms Episode II has been completed, and is preparing for release. It had ought to be ready today (Friday) around 5:00 PM, EST on FPS Central. This is our proudest moment: to see something that was once noth...


Call of Duty Awakening Mod Update!

Well the Awakening mod have another update for us guys and here's the info: Greetings from THE AWAKENING mod ( if you dont know YET) It has ben quite a while,and we though wed bring you anohter big update,today we got a lot of nice pictures and INFO. We have gotten some nice...


Call of Duty Is Go

Yes the final touch's of have been made and its now open to the public. The site hosts a number of movies and many more will be added as time pass's. The site is also looking for movie makers to submit thier work to the site where they will host it for you. Check it out


Call of Duty Step-by-Step Guide To Making Your Own Call of Duty Video!

Recording a COD Demo Recording demos with MOHAA wasn’t exactly straight forward, the developers left the record command out of the game, so we had to come up with a new way to do it. A lot of people tried different methods, and we now have a few different ways in which we can record demos....


Call of Duty 8 MORE NEW movies!!!

well, i guess there's more, with t-minus 4 days to go, they're teasing us a bit more. these show the killcam and behind enemy lines mode, amongst others. again, go to then go to the bottom and click "media page". enjoy!


Call of Duty 10 new in-game movies!!! has posted 10 new in-game movies. Go to and click on "media page" to see them.


Call of Duty New Call Of Duty Promos

Yes we have it........ the new Call Of Duty Promo videos in low and high resolution. This is an excellent preview of the great game on the horizon, well worth the download: High Resolution Medium Resolution


Call of Duty New Brecourt Video Released!

Well for those who have not seen this amazing Call Of Duty Video, File Planet released it to everyone today instead of jsut paying subscripbers. This is in my opinion the best Call Of Duty Video that I have seen and well worth the wait and download. Check it out by clicking the link below: http:/...


Call of Duty Video Interview - Multiplayer

Honestly, this is the best video I have ever seen from Infinity Ward. Goes over some multiplayer topics, and includes the idea behind the anticheat system, which simply kicks butt. Enjoy! Check it out here.


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