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Call of Duty 2 New Screenshots

2 new screenshots have just been released. Enjoy.


Call of Duty 2 More Videos

Here we go. 2 more videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Stalingrad Video Paratroopers Video


Call of Duty 9 New Videos

We have 9 new videos up for you this morning. They aren't the best quality, but you get to see some new footage. You can check them out by clicking on the links below : Disabling Tank Medic In Action Squad Combat Shellshock In Action Leaning with IronSights Brit Car Chase 1 Brit Car Chase 2...


Call of Duty 13 New Screenshots

Here are 13 new screenshots of the DEMO in action. Enjoy.


Call of Duty First Skinning Tutorial Up

Our first ever skinning tutorial has been posted on the site. it goes over the basics of weapon skinning in the DEMO. Check it out right here. Good luck to all you skinners out there. :)


Call of Duty Another Video Interview

"GameSpy's Sal "Sluggo" Accardo interviews Vince Zampella, Chief Creative Officer of Infinity Ward, about Call of Duty. The 5-minute interview covers a wide range of topics relating to this innovative WWII-era Shooter." That is the description. Very informative video. Grab it here.


Call of Duty QuakeCon 2003 Gameplay movie

In case you didn't notice it chilling in our files section yet, a new gameplay movie has surfaced taken at QuakeCon 2003. Be sure to grab it here!


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