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Answer the Call of Duty with the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins and utilities for the original title in this iconic series, and relive the iconic battles of WWII.

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Call of Duty Step-by-Step Guide To Making Your Own Call of Duty Video!

Recording a COD Demo Recording demos with MOHAA wasn’t exactly straight forward, the developers left the record command out of the game, so we had to come up with a new way to do it. A lot of people tried different methods, and we now have a few different ways in which we can record demos. In COD however that’s different, the developers have left...


Call of Duty 8 MORE NEW movies!!!

well, i guess there's more, with t-minus 4 days to go, they're teasing us a bit more. these show the killcam and behind enemy lines mode, amongst others. again, go to then go to the bottom and click "media page". enjoy!


Call of Duty 10 new in-game movies!!! has posted 10 new in-game movies. Go to and click on "media page" to see them.


Call of Duty New Call Of Duty Promos

Yes we have it........ the new Call Of Duty Promo videos in low and high resolution. This is an excellent preview of the great game on the horizon, well worth the download: High Resolution Medium Resolution


Call of Duty New Brecourt Video Released!

Well for those who have not seen this amazing Call Of Duty Video, File Planet released it to everyone today instead of jsut paying subscripbers. This is in my opinion the best Call Of Duty Video that I have seen and well worth the wait and download. Check it out by clicking the link below:


Call of Duty Video Interview - Multiplayer

Honestly, this is the best video I have ever seen from Infinity Ward. Goes over some multiplayer topics, and includes the idea behind the anticheat system, which simply kicks butt. Enjoy! Check it out here.


Call of Duty 2 New Screenshots

2 new screenshots have just been released. Enjoy.


Call of Duty 2 More Videos

Here we go. 2 more videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Stalingrad Video Paratroopers Video


Call of Duty 9 New Videos

We have 9 new videos up for you this morning. They aren't the best quality, but you get to see some new footage. You can check them out by clicking on the links below : Disabling Tank Medic In Action Squad Combat Shellshock In Action Leaning with IronSights Brit Car Chase 1 Brit Car Chase 2 Storage Area Fight Down in the Trenches Enjoy. :)