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Answer the Call of Duty with the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins and utilities for the original title in this iconic series, and relive the iconic battles of WWII.

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Call of Duty IWNation Forums Back Up!

Without further ado, the IWN forums have finally come back up after who-knows-how-many days. Go visit them now!


Call of Duty 1000 Files

Wooooo, Today i reached 1000 files posted on FilesNetwork over my time here. I started at SoF2Files and moved over to CoDFiles doing alittle at FarcryFiles and MoHFiles. :) Peace.... Fezarella :mepimp:


Call of Duty Screenshots

Here we have 3 screenshots from Call of Duty which have been edited. They look great and have been made for us by EvilMan888 :D Thanks alot Evil :)


Call of Duty CallofDuty United Offensive SP Cheats

If you do not have the CallofDuty United Offensive Cheats here they are: Call of Duty: United Offensive Cheats To enable cheat mode add the right click on your Call of Duty: United Offensive shortcut and add “+set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1” at the end of the command line. When in game press ~ to bring down the console window and enter the follo...


Call of Duty Live 1 on 1 Mapping Tutorial Sessions!

Hey! I am Jdawgg. I made some video tutorials for Doom 3, and made a large collection of videos for Call of Duty which never resulted because Wyatt Earp beat me to the chase :). However, I have thought up a neat new method to teaching new mappers, or even experienced mappers who need a little help here and there. There are a slough of new mappers try...


Call of Duty Web2Zone's Call of Duty Tournament

Here we have some information on a very promising LAN tournament that is gonna take place in NYC! Web2Zone's Call of Duty Tournament If you're able to get to NYC July 17th you can win a little cash and glory in Web2Zone's upcoming Call of Duty 6v6 Tournament. Signups are now open. The LAN event takes place in New York City and players can win up to $6...


Call of Duty Blunt Force Trauma Studios Modelling Service is open!

Ok here is one good idea instead of making models for a mod make them for many mods!!! Blunt Force Trauma Studios (yes we're making fun of Trauma Studios) is now opening a website where we will create models for your games/mods that are free for your use. We feel that instead of working on one mod alone we should help the whole community, or should I...


Call of Duty Test Drive The Nvidia GeForce 6800!

Test drive the GeForce 6800 at an NVIDIA Game Center near you! From May 24 – June 20 visit one of the 30 participating NVIDIA Game Centers, and check out the latest graphics technology from NVIDIA. These 30 game centers will each have on display a graphics card featuring the GeForce 6800 GT GPU. Check it out Here


Call of Duty Holiday

Hi all I will be on Holiday from today until saturday. I know its late notice but its last minute with the family. I only found out today that i could go so i will see everyone at the weekend. Fezarella