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Call of Duty Multiplayer GameTypes Overview

The loading screens are here also, but it now has a good gametype overview. Very cool :) Multiplayer Overview


Call of Duty Call of Duty: Dawnville Demo!

The December issue of PC Gamer will feature an exclusive demo of Call of Duty (Single Player), picking up where the 1st demo left off. The second demo starts off on June 6th at 7.30 and promises another excisting snack of things to come CoD! Try taking out a Tiger with a Panzerfaust for example! However, since it's an exclusive to PC Gamer,


Call of Duty Bad news for Nvidia users

The NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun made it quite clear that the graphics industry would no longer be the primary focus point of the company." Well? What are your thoughts?


Call of Duty The official "Give us t3h Call of Duty Multiplayer Demo thread!"

Since updates News and Files are slowing down a bit and we seem to have had the demo rush of mods and verybody is looking forward to the game´s release, I figured it was time to start the "Give us the Call of Duty MP Demo thread" as there´s still no word on when this demo will be release, and I know it´s what we´re all looking forward to until the game´...


Call of Duty All modders read please!

I've had to deny 5 submitted mods today because they did not fit our submission guideliness which can be found here: The mods that were sent in were just .pk3 files with a few words of info. Please send your file in as .zip or .rar and in it put your actual files (.pk3 usually) ALONG with a readme.txt...


Call of Duty Call Of Duty Console

To enable the console in the Call of Duty demo, add the following to the Target: field after right clicking your CoD shortcut and selecting properties: +set monkeytoy 0 You can also modify the config.cfg which can be found in the call of duty/main folder. Set it from 1 to 0 :)


Call of Duty 2 New Screenshots at GameSpot

Something that slipped my mind yesterday when posting news about GameSpot's new interview, upon visiting CoD Resource I noticed GameSpot also put up 2 new screenshots. Check them out below!