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Call of Duty New Mod >> Extended Single Player Mod!

We've got a new mod in the works which seems promising if it turns out right! Heres the email I recieved. Hey I was just writing in to announce that me and a few freinds have decided to make a new mod for Call of Duty. We all considered the Single player to be far too short so we all have decided to extend it... with our CoD Extended Singple Playe...


Call of Duty Driveable Tanks For Burnsville and Dawnville!

Scorpio Magnet has released 2 driveable tank mods for both Burnsville and Dawnville. I know we are a little late on the post, but forgive us. If you want the Dawnville driveable tank mod, get it here! If you want the Burnsville demo, get it here! Also released was a Parachute mod for Burnsville which is really neat, get it here!


Call of Duty Band Of Brothers TC Update

This is straight from the email: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good day to all paratroopers of the world, I'm here to announce that we are finally have our own forums, where you can register and post as much as you want :) Here's a link:


Call of Duty A New Mod Already!? : The Forgotten War!

Yup its true folks, already a modding team is working with Infinity Ward and getting ready to be able to code the games files/change them. Its amazing we already have mods before the games release!!! :rock: :rock: You know what that means, were gonna have alot of mods probably coming along. Anyway here is the email from one of the leaders of the team. H...