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Answer the Call of Duty with the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins and utilities for the original title in this iconic series, and relive the iconic battles of WWII.

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Call of Duty We need Staff, Think you can help? Read More......*Updated!*

[** I have received enough help on the staff. No more positions are open for the time being. ** We need some files posters, think you are up for it? Requirements: DSL, Cable, or faster... Lots of time.... What you will need to have if you don't already.... SmartFTP or another FTP program. If you meet these requirements and want to help, con...


Call of Duty Call of Duty Single Player Demo Cheats Up

I've tossed up the Single Player cheats page, check it out here: If you actually need these cheats to finish the demo then uhm, so help you god :) But these will come in handy for modders to take screenshots with enemies without them shooting you (notarget) etc. Enjoy!


Call of Duty *NEW* Staff Sign Up Form!! Problems, Need Help!

Yes, I spent 2 hours building this form from the HTML code (which is totallly whacked) and I finished it, but its still not working right. Unforunately when you click submit it opens outlook and has a blank message to me. If anyone can help, let me know! You can view the form here!


Call of Duty IMPORTANT! New staff access given!

Trunks999 (Comment Moderator) MPowell1944 (File/news poster) Shinyrory (News poster) You all have access to the site now. Take your job seriously and do good work and we will get along fine. UPDATE: I still need some file posters (previous files network expieriance appreciated, cable/dsl connection speed required) And a file reviewer and tech su...


Call of Duty Staff Still Needed!!! Please Read!!!

We currently need 1 comment moderator and atleast 2 file posters at Your help will benifit us in the future of making this site wonderful for all. We would like to have a file reviewer and a FAQ/TechSupport/Links person, but that isn't neccessary at the moment. If you would like to sign up for one of either of those, you must be familiar with...


Call of Duty Expect great things from us!

Thank you for dropping by the Call of Duty website. We here at CoDfiles want to make this a great expieriance for you! So please! Email us if you need / want to make improvements or give ideas, and we will gladly do what we can! Thanks again for coming!!! :D :D :Beer:


Call of Duty Welcome to - First Time here? Please read!

Hello folks and welcome to! FilesNetwork's latest site bringing the total up to 25 sites! So what do we currently have here at I've added every single file I could find out there but in addition to that there's lots of other cool stuff:Files Ofcourse we have every file out there available. Be sure to check out the AWESOME trai...