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Call of Duty Volunteers Needed

EDIT: Nightmare is back on staff now... I received a number of applications while Mulrich and Nightmare were still on the CoDFiles team and active long ago -- back when we didn't need any more workers. I can't make anything of these old apps, though, because none of the applicants respond to e-mails I send regarding volunteer work. For this reason, I'm...


Call of Duty Leaving for a Week

Hey guys, like Mulrich, I will be out of town and unable to update the site from this Sunday to the next. One of the Network Admins is going to take over in our absence, so you're in good hands, CoD-freaks. :P Until next time... -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty Users: Please Resubmit Files

Due to an error in the system, any users who have submitted files before the approximate time of this post (10:00 PM PST, 2/15/06) should resubmit their files exactly as before. The files have been lost, so once again: If you have submitted a file sometime before 10:00 PM PST, 2/15/06, please resubmit the file exactly as before. Thank you, and our sinceres...


Call of Duty The Stealing Must Stop

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. In the past week or so, we've had several files appear on the site -- and I suspected nothing when posting them -- which later were quickly found to be stolen after a number of comments and proofs. This is a warning to those of you who think it's fun to rip off other developers on this site: The next stolen file that's submi...


Call of Duty I'm Leaving CoDFiles

Yup thats right, Me ( Fezarella ) im gonna leave the site and leave the admin position to a very hard working staff member xXezekielXx. After 2 years between my early days at sof2files and codfiles life has gotten to busy :( It was a good run tho, made some good mates! I know xXezekielXx will do a good job and so will the rest of the team :D Thanks...


Call of Duty xXezekielXx: Weekly Poll Review Abolished - Community Horrified

Nah, I'm just kidding. I mean, yeah, I don't think I'm going to be doing weekly poll reviews anymore, but did anyone actually enjoy those things anyway? :P Well, that's all for the news! (Sorry about the short post.)


Call of Duty FilesNetwork Problems

Sorry for any inconvenience, but for the moment, we won't be able to post any files. Pro-Filer is currently working on the solution to the recent problems in the Ops system; meanwhile, the news should still come all right!


Call of Duty Site Request For Skinning Tutorials

Hi, Can someone who can skin quite good and has a good knowledge of skinning for cod uo please knock up a tutorial on how to skin weapons and flags please. This is for my knowlegde and ive also been speaking to people who would also like to get into skinning, It dosent have to be long just simple and easy to use. If anyone knows of where there are already tu...


Call of Duty Some Files May Need Resubmitting

A few days ago, an error in the system prevented us from posting your files on our FN sites. Therefore, if you do not see your file already posted, please resubmit it to