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Answer the Call of Duty with the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins and utilities for the original title in this iconic series, and relive the iconic battles of WWII.

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Call of Duty Site Submissions

Just a reminder that spamming our system using our submission forms WILL get you banned from the entire site for a week! (Someone just did it after the completion of our newest "Submit News" features...)


Call of Duty Info Regarding Complaints About Slow Downloads

Hello, I want everybody to make sure, that everyone understands that CoDFiles and FilesNetwork cannot be held responsible for slow downloads. Recently, I have seen people complaining about slow downloads. If you want to complain about slow downloads, then do it at the respective mirror sites, not here at CoDFiles or at any other FilesNetwork site. Also...


Call of Duty File Commenting Again

Hostility within file commenting among members is becoming prominent once again(Just had to clean up a file's comments), it's not nice and i know it's not always intentional but try to think before you post about whether you're going to offend anyone with your post... Much appreciated Peace out Aquai


Call of Duty CoDFiles Currently Not Accepting Staff

As Site Admin, I've decided we have enough people to fulfill the site 'chores' and won't be needing anymore for probably quite a while (or until a staff member leaves). Go ahead and continue to send in your applications, but they won't be looked over until sometime later when we require more helpers... -xXezekielXx


Call of Duty File Commenting AGAIN

Only 10 days after my previous news article on this i find myself having to remind you to keep your commenting on point, discussions about ancient heros or people of power is really not necessary, you know who you are people. I just spent 20 minutes getting rid off that lot of useless points.......Sort it out lads, and lasses. Peace out


Call of Duty New FN Site - Pie Files

In the wake of 'CoDFile's closure' (which 1, I don't believe and 2, I think is dumb IF it's true), FN's got a new site. Pie Files...


Call of Duty [April 1st]Site Closure

It gives me great sadness to announce that this site will be closing down at the end of today. The main reason for this is that the community within the site has become quite hostile and negative. We also have the problem that we do not have enough staff to keep up with the continuos demand, and the recent loss of the other filesnetwork members (See previ...


Call of Duty New Way to Submit Servers for Site Server List

I've changed everything for the Server List section of the site to UBB to make things easier for submitters and for staff. Use the new format to submit your servers: &#91b&#93Server&#91&#47b&#93: &#91b&#93Server IP&#91&#47b&#93: &#91b&#93Slots&#91&#47b&#93: 0 Public, 0 Private &#91b&#93Teamspeak IP&#91&#47b&#93: &#91b&#93Ventrilo IP&#91&#47b&#93:...


Call of Duty File Commenting

Hey all, Lately i've been noticing an increase in the number of irrelevant and double posts, not only do these take time to clear up but are more often than not unessecary. Please try to keep commenting on topic and try to think before you click the "Add this comment now!" button, this applies to everyone including us staff, thanks alot guys (and any gi...