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Answer the Call of Duty with the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins, and utilities for the original title in the series, and relive the iconic battles of WWII.

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Mods SGAwe v2.0

A ServerSide Mod For Call of Duty 1.1.Made by Sadman.Powered by Froala Editor


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Mods SGAwe v1.0 Beta

SGAwe Mod Info: Name : SGAwe Mod Files : SGAwe_v1.0 Beta.pk3 SGAweReadMe.txt IN CFGS FOLDER awe.cfg Version : v2.0 Created by Sadman. Re mod


Mods SGS Mod v2

SADMAN GAMING SERVER MOD DOWNLOAD.-Change Somethings--New Skins-New Gloves-New Lite Grass-Ne...


Maps Cod 1 Ftag maps

this is the file of CoD 1 server called Ftag.. The installation is very simple just download the pk3 file and put it into the main folder of...


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Maps mp_Harbor(EXTREME)

original version (mp_Harbor) and i hope you like it too ;)(gametypes: dm, tdm, sd, hq, ctf)Please comment and give me advice what i should a...


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Maps DOB_House

each room. We used teleports instead of ladders when we could to add an interesting touch to this map..


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Skins call of duty black ops ww2 skin pack Ok now you know all that i will let you know a bit about this mod. It is just a simple skin pack I've ma...


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Mods Patton's German-Russian Mod

This mod changes the Germans in the game to Russians. There's a number of bugs, though, that I can't figure out. Details in the readme. Any...


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Maps Sicily (UO)

Sicily is a Call of Duty: United Offensive map based on the Sicily missions and the real island of Sicily.But in this case, I converted it t...


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Maps mp_FiringRange_BO

on your servers!


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Skins M1911 skin.

file shows error when trying to download.


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Maps DOB_Rats_Fixed

enhanced lighting..I also added crazy swat stuff to make this one a lot of fun. This is the Fixed and last version of this map..I fixed a ba...


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Skins M1911 skin.

Just another skin for the Colt M1911. Created by pasting an real picture of the gun over the vanilla skin.


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Mods Ammokid's Mod

Here's the second version of the mod. Also works with UO. The mod is mainly to make the game a bit funner. What's new in this version is the...


Maps extreme_jump and report them, or ad me on xfire:saintoncodThanks-saintoncod


Maps Boxes_dm

first room gives ascrim with cover, the second is an open room for tough scrims


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Maps Cross Map Ladder Stall No Scope Headshot

Black Ops, Cross Map, Ladder Stall, No Scope, Headshot on Grid. Late join into game.YouTube Link:


Maps DOB_KillZone

that I think you will like..


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Media Intro

my intro for my gaming videos


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Mods CptWesley's Mini-Mod pack

player shadows (buggy , very very buggy )


Mods CoD and CoD:UO Sound-Pack

little more like weapons fire. Also included is a small mod that changes the explosion sounds for the tank and bazooka rounds to use the mor...


Maps DOB_Shipment

I took it and remapped it and made it bigger and added some stuff and took our a lot of other stuff.


Maps DOB_Arnhem

hide behind and shoot from and I fixed some major problems with falling under the map in some places.This map is great for any type of game...


Maps DOB_Arena

two sides.


Utilities {DOB} CODWeaponsFileEditor

easier than before.Just open a weapon file, and change the values easily and quickly.Tested on XP. Should work on any version of windows.


Maps mp_shipment

black spots on certain walls - rendering problem, dunno how to fix it.The map is based on "mp_shipment" from Call of Duty 4. Its great for L...


Maps DOB_Arena_wob

I made this map with the look of the old Aim map adding width to the map and alot of other stuff to make this alot of fun.


Maps DOB_Rats

enhanced lighting..I also added crazy swat stuff to make this one a lot of fun.


Skins MagnumPI's Colt Retexture

elegant skin made by MagnumPI, despite reflecting back on various memories of my dad watching the show I downloaded the file and gave it a q...


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Mods No music mod for COD

This mod disables the music in COD and CODUO for those that want it to be more realistic.It is my first mod so go easy on me.


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Mods Svt40 and Gewehr43 for COD 1

This is a mod I was working on for days making sure that the sounds, and animations work properly and yet they do work with COD 1 :P


Mods Browning Hi-Power for COD

Hi-Power comes in 4 forms, standard(replaces luger), akimbo(mp40), silenced(colt), and akimbo silenced(m1carbine)....


Maps NM_Cure

is more of a narrative than a map, complete with its own story. It is worth noting that while this may be a map played in multiplayer, it is...


Skins Waffen SS flag

just delete it.


Maps csm_showdown

finished 24/06/2010


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Mods HeadShot Only

This mod adds the ability to change your game into a headshot madhouse.I tried, and i really did, to make it with enable/disable stuff, but...


Maps mp_vacant

This map is a copy of the COD4 map Vacant.It was made by Lurtz, scripted by Tbz.It has been made as close to scale and detail as was possibl...


Mods L4zY's Fogger MoD

This mod gives you the ability to add a nice fog to almost all COD standard maps.This can be done with some commands inside the Fogger.cfg b...


Utilities CFG Generator

CFG Generator is a program made to easily create a config file for Call of Duty. It has a very easy interface that anyone can understand.


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Mods Brax Zombie MoD (Edited By L4zY)

its in English.


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Mods Voice mod

I made this alongside with other mods for a while so I felt like i need to share it around. I replaced some sounds and added more death soun...


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Mods Main Music mod

This menu music mod changes the music to a more classical sort of thingIf you are interested. I have not made any mods in a while and I...



either fight up on the top corridors or stay on the main floor either way someone is going to die.


Mods Single Image Background Mod

their names to the main menu screen. This is also great because you do not have to line up two images to make one image, which would be a ma...



This is a winter battlefield setting with hidden ladders,secret passageways and hidden rooms to make this one a lot of fun.


Maps DOB_BoxCar_Final

Ok this is the final version I added another catapult, health packs and we realized bullets could go through the books on the shelf so I fix...


Maps DOB_BoxCar

This battle zone is staged in a giant rail road boxcar to make you feel like your a tiny soldier.The models are large scale and I added som...


Maps The_Dungeon2_Final

changed the spawns locations.This is the final version.


Utilities {DOB} CODWeaponsFileEditor

file, and change the values easily and quickly.Tested on XP. Should work on any version of windows.


Maps The_Dungeon 2

The is a remake of the original Dungeon map with a new look and a few surprises that is certain to keep you on your toes.


Maps Overcingel2_v2

This is the 2nd version of the new version.I re did this map to improve game play by adding ladders to different areas,towers and other stuf...


Maps Overcingel2

I re-did this map to make it a little more playable with towers more buildings and ladders to get access to different areas of the map. Let...


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Mods Zombie Mod Client 2.5

Zombie Mod Client created by Brax


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Scripts and Binds Anti Crash files Call of Duty 1

main directory and you'll be safe against crashes.Peace stOned


Mods gsm_allweapons_cod_sp

pistols with smgs so you will have mgs or rifles sniper fifle and smgs.


Skins camo_flak88

This is a camo flak 88 this was made for an sp mod I am making but it should work just fine for mp also.


Skins camo_grenades

This just simply re-skins all the grenades for all teams to a camo skin there all the same pattern and colour of camo but it is a change thi...


Skins camo_snipers

basically 5 skins in one.


Skins camo_kubelandmotorcycle

This was made for sp and I pulled it from a mod I am working on for sp but it should work just fine for mp as well what it does is makes the...


Skins camo_panzer4andflak

This is my final cod skin for the night what this is it camos the panzer 4 the flakpanzer and the flakvering it was made for sp but should w...