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The latest official patch for Chaser.


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Changelist v1.50:

* Multi Player Map Rotation added
* Changed/added commands for dedicated server:
* AddMap "Mapname.cew" - adds a map to the map rotation list which will be played
* Set "NumGames" x - The number of times to play a map after which to load the next map in the list of maps
* Added text [TEAM] and [ALL] in front of Multi Player messages
* Added the Multi Player and Dedicated Server command: "ping_check" - This command defines the maximum ping for players to be able to play. If a player has a higher ping than the specified ping_check value he will be automatically kicked out of the game.
* Corrected the problem with crashing of the dedicated server on some maps (Forest Camp, Old Harbor)
* Corrected the wrong behavior of the server when player had name "exit"
* Corrected the sound problem of not playing the steps of players on fast networks
* Corrected the possibility to play different version of maps
* Corrected the possibility to cheat with own predefined materials
* Added the possibility to kick player by number (Use command kick_list to display list of players with numbers for each name)
* Added the Multi Player console command: "voice_messages" on/off - Option to turn voice messages from other players on or off
* Corrected problems with Japanese subtitles

Patch v1.49 Fixlist:


* Added anticheat to prohibid changing of weapon scripts
* Max number of players is now 128
* Corrected bug when game sometimes crashed during connection to server
* Added support for All Seeing Eye
* Hopefully corrected problems with cheaters who were editing files of weapons and bullets
* We also corrected some smaller bugs in network which could cause problems with lagging when user with modem connected
* Corrected scroll in server list

Patch v1.47 Fixlist:


* Miles Sound System updated - EAX problems fixed


* Player Kick/Vote function added
* Added function to define Chat and Vote keys
* Anticheat fix added
* Auto balancing Team function in Shock Troops mode added

Dedicated Server:

* Fixed problem with huge memory allocation on Dedicated servers

Patch v1.46 Fixlist:


* Keyboard/input handling fixed on systems with Sidewinder and other USB joysticks that used 'virtual keyboard' devices
* Gamma initialization adjusted

Single Player:

* Fixed crashbug in cutscene 'Memories' for Radeon cards


* Paralysis effect when hit by bullet removed from multiplayer
* Netcode optimisation for high pingers so people wont ghost around with high pings
* Ability to talk during end of game was added

Dedicated Server:

* The command line version of the dedicated server now starts without using Direct X

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