Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World v1.27F Patch - US English

The latest official patch for Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World.


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The latest official patch for Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World.

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Download 'Civ3PTW127f.exe' (11.21MB)

Additions in v1.26f:
* Adding Gamespy Usage Tracking.
* Note: the '3 seconds' rule is a result of eliminating the synchronous messaging.  It will allow for up to 3 second lag to receive update messages now.
* Reworked the setup window to allow you to exit/cancel at any time - this includes mid-loading and scenario sending
* Multiplayer Menu change (select the type of play and be taken into the menu with the correct setting toggled)
* Implemented load in setup window to not send over a savegame unless needed
* Added an INI file option to turn off AI patrolling. The option is NoAIPatrol and if set to 1, the AI will no longer use its units to randomly patrol if they have nothing else to do. The default is 0 (meaning the AI will patrol). In multiplayer games, the host's setting will be used for all players.
* Added option to make map already explored to scenario properties. Scenarios with this option checked, will begin with the map already explored, thus all players begin the game knowing what the map looks like.
* Player numbers should now always be correct (you should not have to change them) if you have not changed your name since the game you have loaded

Changes in v1.26f:
* Removed all synchronous messages in the setup window
* You can no longer cancel the countdown with less than 3 seconds remaining on the countdown
* You can no longer kick anyone or exit the game (other than end task of course) with less than 3 seconds remaining on the countdown
* Changed the 'Loading...' label to display 'Loading...' followed by 'Please Wait...' cycling every 3 seconds so users will know the game is not locked up.  This text is in red to stand out on the screen
* Rules that are changed before the savegame is loaded no longer applies.  The rules for the game come directly from the savegame now
* Optimized the reset features on the window when the host selects 'standard' after a load/scenario send.  Previously it was resending the rules - it no longer does this.
* You will no longer play a game set as 'si-move' in pbem mode - it will play as a si-move and not pbem
* selecting a scenario with a map but not loading it ( cancelling ) should no longer change current world settings
* Reworked the setup window to allow you to exit/cancel at any time - this includes mid-loading and scenario sending
* Changed the 'Loading...' label to display 'Loading...' followed by 'Please Wait...' cycling every 3 seconds so users will know the game is not locked up.  This text is in red to stand out on the screen
* Optimized the reset features on the window when the host selects 'standard' after a load/scenario send.  Previously it was resending the rules - it no longer does this.
* Sped up 'launch' action in Setup window
* Updated non-era techs to allow for civ-specific tech trees. If a non-era tech is used as a prerequisite for a regular tech and a particular civ does not have access to the non-era tech, all techs sprouting from the non-era tech will not be visible on the Science Advisor screen and will not be required for advancement to the next era.
* Fixed Civilopedia entry for Coastal Fortress by removing reference to, “50% defense bonus from naval attacks”.  There are no direct naval attacks on land units – only bombardment.
* Updated BIC file version to 11.19.
* Updated editor version to 2.57.
* Players should see fewer occurances of a unit staying selected after he is out of movement points.
* If a player leaves a game while it is paused, he will now be destroyed

Fixes in v1.26f:
* Fixed a bug which would allow you to chain load games after you switched the game mode to hotseat
* Fixed an OOS bug where you would load a scenario followed by a save and the game would go OOS on first turn
* Fixed a bug causing the foreign advisor to display incorrectly in > 8 player Single Player games.
* Fixed a bug where the turn limit warning and time limit warnings would not appear when a game was restarted.
* Fixed a bug with mouseover text on the city view screen.
* Fixed a bug where you could get an empty playername if you accepted a blank playername once and then cancelled
* Fixed a bug which allowed you to launch without everyone ready
* Fixed a bug with player numbers not being correct, and any load attempt with those bad players numbers would cause problems
* Fixed a bug where a player would appear to vanish when setting a hotseat/PBEM game to si-move
* Fixed a bug where the host would vanish with changing settings for hotseat/PBEM
* Fixed a bug where no error message would appear when trying to launch a game while a client was nto done loading - it would appear to simply not respond but now it does.
* Fixed a bug that caused paratroopers (and possibly helicopters) to disappear after playing the airdrop animation.
* When clicking MP as a menu option, you will no longer get a periodic empty popup
* Fixed crash when choosing scenario->load game-> then launching the loaded game
* Fixed Specific sequence pbem to scenario load crash 
* Player name being reset to civ name after a pbem load and switch to standard no longer occurs
* Fixed lockup when loading pbem and switching to standard
* Fixed some bugs with sending scenarios over repeatedly
* Fixed a bug with disconnecting
* Fixed a message overflow involving scenario sending
* Fixed some spelling error in diplomacy text
* Fixed an out of sycnh with load/save (unique to 1.24 - no readme required)
* Fixed a bug with game limits and rename popups being open on multiplayer setup when you kick someone or launch
* Fixed numerous bugs related to hotseat/pbem game modes and loading saves/scenarios
* The description button for Numidian Mercenary will now display in the Civilopedia.
* Updated placement of forests and jungles on bonus grassland to leave the bonus shield under the forest/jungle (NOTE: this only applies when placing forest/jungle on bonus grassland tiles).
* Fixed a bug with non-era techs that allowed players to potentially receive them for free from the Great Library (NOTE: this also fixes a similar bug that would allow players to receive techs that they do not have the prerequisites for if the order of the techs in the editor was changed).
* Fixed bug with PBEM allowing you to queue up save sends and flooding the network queue while others were connected
* Fixed a bug with air interception at the bottom of the map
* Updated leaderheads\CL_CULTB.pcx to fix transparent color issue.
* Fixed an out of synch bug involving pausing during a faction upkeep in turnless mode

Fixes in v1.21f:
*	X/Y wrapping/boundary issues regarding nukes fixed.
*	fixed an x/y wrapping issue with city name drawing.
*	Fixed the turn limit warning popup to not constantly repeat in multiplayer.
*	Fixed a bug where the 'chat box' would stay up in the game after the game ended.
*	Fixed an exploit allowing one to get extra shields during wartime mobilization.
*	Fixed a bug where units with 2 movement points would occasionally warp 1 tile when moved quickly in succession.
*	Fixed a bug where diplomacy requests were sent to the wrong player/every player when loading a game.
*	Fixed a bug with Colony-to that caused it to do a fortress-to.
*	Fixed some display bugs in the Foreign Advisor.
*	Fixed a bug where the 'b' key wouldnt function for colonists in Ancient Mediterranean Mod.
*	Fixed bug which caused walls not to be obsoleted by growing from a town to a city.
*	Fixed a PBEM exploit which allowed you to see other players turns even in passworded games.
*	Fixed a turnless out of synch.

Additions in v1.21f:
*   	Added support for numeric keypad special characters in edit boxes.
*   	Added support for faster-loading Multiplayer saved games and scenarios.
*	Added a 'Locate City' hotkey to Multiplayer.
*	Implemented Kick in the Staging Area.
*	Added INI tweak to disable force feedback support: NoForceFeedback=1. 
*	Added a civilopedia reference to 'Happy Faces' if a building produces happy faces in the city window.

Changes in v1.21f:
*   Hidden Nationality units are no longer forcibly removed from enemy territory via diplomacy.
*   Expansionist civs can no longer build Scouts when civ-specific abilities are disabled.
*	No player will be dropped within a certain timeframe of a player leaving the game.
*	The Net Setup Window has been changed to a selective asynchronous process.
*	Passwords are limited to 20 characters.
*	ICBM's can no longer auto-bombard.
*	Canceling Espionage in multiplayer no longer exits to map.
*	Non-Empty Games Filter now filters out games with only one player (the host).
*	Removed In-Progress Filter, replaced it with a Password Filter.
*	GameSpy Connect call is now non-modal, meaning it can be cancelled and will time out if it fails to connect.
*	Improved Pangaea map generation.
*	Improved random free tech selection for the Scientific civ trait.

Fixes in v1.21f:
*   	Fixed bug with cultural opinion text being replaced with garbled text.
*   	Non-combat unit warning message has been changed to refer to both cities and terrain improvements.
*   	Fixed bug that incorrectly reported a rescued/re-captured princess as the player's princess being killed.
*   	Fixed an issue with overlapping popups.
*   	Fixed paste crash.
*   	Fixed bug that caused players in the loss sequence to receive a popup message telling them that they won when the actual winner exits the game.
*   	Fixed bug that allows users to cursor past text limits in edit boxes.
*   	Fixed loading saved games status message display.
*	Fixed an out of synch related to stack movement.
*	Fixed bug where the fog of war would cover the whole screen with the exception of the last city you were viewing.
*	Fixed chat text getting cut off.
*	Fixed bug where a single player loading a hotseat or PBEM game through the setup win could not exit.
*	Reloading a game in the setup window will now show you messages again (such as Sending game to player xxx...).
*	There is no longer a 'ghost' game in the lobby, both with clicking and mouseover.
*	The lobby should no longer re-sort periodically unless you instigate it or a game is added/deleted.
*	The AI can no longer be set to player '0' (barbarian) when loading a game.
*	Fixed a bug in the spaceship screen where it would show your city on everyone screen (the city view screen).
*	Chat text will no longer persist in the diplomacy window.
*	Fixed an out of synch unique to turnless.
*	Fixed a bug where you would load a turnless save and some cities would never produce again.
*	Fixed a bug in turnless where units would simply stop moving, and cities would stop producing periodically.
*	Fixed a bug with auto-precision bombing not choosing the proper targets.
*	Fixed a bug that allowed players to change another's production after they stole their plans.
*	Fixed an out of synch related to amphibious warfare.
*	Fixed an out of synch involving nukes.
*	Fixed a plethora of problems with filters.
*	Fixed a bubble text bug with staging window.
*	Fixed a array out of bounds issue with lobby window.
*	Removed Asturias from Spanish city list.
*	Fixed typo in conquistador civilopedia chapter.
*	Correct date listed for Spain becoming a democracy in Spanish civilopedia chapter.
*	Fixed crash involving starting hotseat games.
*	Fixed the hang alive after pause bug.
*	Fixed the bug where all players would have to hit enter (occasionally) after a pause.
*	The spaceship screen will now process messages.
*	Fixed hang alive when the spaceship screen comes up over diplomacy.
*	Fixed bug (Single player and MP) where you could select a unit in an army and unload him (move him out).
*	Filters now work as an OR filter in each group, and an AND filter cross-group.
*	Fixed an out of synch caused by combat and lag.
*	Games will now report correctly, instead of everything past load game reporting as elimination.
*	Fixed an out of synch unique to eliminating a civilization.
*	Fixed the win98 modem hosting with 3+ modems connecting slowdown/lockup bug.
*	Fixed a bug where if you denied to vote on a UN leader, then no one in the game could win (they could however lose).
*	Fixed the screen slot error in MP setup screen.
*	Fixed crash when loading a save game where the host was eliminated and the new host had a different name than the next available player.
*	Fixed bug where the game would do 2 turns instead of 1 when only 1 human player (non-original host) was left in the game to defeat AI.
*	Fixed an infinite production exploit with PBEM games.
*	Fixed a display bug in the MP setup window which would keep a combo box open indefinitely.
*	Fixed graphic corruption issue in the MP setup screen when loading a PBEM game.
*	Fixed an issue where the players name would vanish if they left and then returned quickly to the lobby window.
*	Fixed bug where auto-bombard would not auto-bomb multiple terrain improvements in neutral territory.
*	Fixed the military advisor speed.
*	Fixed an out of synch with auto-precision bombing.
*	Fixed a text overwrite issue in the staging window.
*	Fixed a graphic issue where multiple leaders would be displayed in Military advisor.
*	Fixed bug with hotseat/PBEM victory conditions and rules.
*	Fixed a selection issue with the build queue in the city screen.
*	Fixed a bug where the right click menu would stay up over top of screens.
*	Fixed bug with Sentry not functioning in MP.
*	Fixed bug where you could not ask an AI civ to remove its units from your territory.
*	Fixed an out of synch involving advancing into a newly captured city tile which contained units which could be captured while the animation was onscreen.
*	Slightly increased turn-flip performance to minimize lag (especially post-turn lag) in larger games with slower machines.
*	Fixed lockup with nuke launching.
*	Fixed bug which allowed multiple instances of the same nuke to be launched.
*	Fixed remaining Hang Dead due to spaceship screen appearing over diplomacy.
*	Fixed hang alive related to auto-bombardment or bombing from a city and then tributing that city to another player.
*	Fixed crash when a mod had less than 24 races and the player chose 'Random'.
*	Fixed a bug where the settler would occasionally not build a city in MP.
*	Fixed a bug where you would lose mouse functionality in the city window.
*	Fixed a bug that when the host is eliminated the game would lock.
*	Fixed right click on an improvement from the city window referring the user to the incorrect civilopedia entry.
*	Fixed grammar issue with MPP causing a civ to declare war on you.
*	Fixed grammar issue in the spaceship screen.
*	Fixed unit movement on road after combat bug.
*	Fixed bug with unit healing.
*	Fixed bug where the game would not end synchronously on all machines.
*	Editor: Fixed memory leak.
*	Fixed several bugs involving the display of several items near and crossing the x/y boundaries of the map.
*	Fixed numerous text bugs in diplomacy.txt.
*	Fixed bug in city view screen which allowed you to give orders while a pull down menu was up.
*	Fixed a bad index to civilopedia in the city window.
*	Fixed a bug where the user could abandon all of their cities if they had more than one.
*	Fixed PathMananger infinite loop.
*	Fixed some issues with lag.
*	Fixed a bug with the civilopedia cursor.
*	Fixed a graphics issue with bombarding and interception causing a lockup and graphics corruption.
*	Fixed an out of synch involving non-stack moved settler/defender combo reporting as 'undefended' for humans.
*	Fixed an out of synch involving barbarian movement.
*	Fixed an out of synch involving combat.

Additions in v1.14f:
*   Added DirectIP support.
*   Added info about outposts to pedia entry for Masonry.
*   Added info about airfields to pedia entry for Flight.
*   Added info about radar towers to pedia entry for Radio.
*   Added information about upgrading units to civilopedia entries for Barracks, Harbor, and Airport.
*   Added status message for MP setup to tell when players leave the game.
*   Added code to update lobby when players are removed from the setup screen.
*   Added code to update lobby when the number of players changes on the setup screen.
*   Added support for Cut/Copy/Paste in edit boxes (chat, text boxes, etc.)
*   Added code to refresh lobby window when games are removed or updated.
*   When a player lags out, a message box will now come up after 5 seconds of them lagging.  They are given 60 seconds to recover from this lag, and at any point any player can choose to drop them from the game. 
*   When joining a multiplayer game, a join timer will appear letting you know that you are attempting to join a game.  During this process you may cancel the join, thus aborting the attempt.

Changes in v1.14f:
*   Removed Frigate from England's build list as it is replaced by the Man-O-War.
*   Intro movie no longer plays when joining games through GameSpy Arcade.
*   Turnless speed now defaults to normal.
*   Improved overall game speed.
*   When a player is in the process of connecting to a game, all players will be informed by his name being replaced with the word "Connecting".
*   When loading a game, all players will now be informed who still is left to load the game.  The people who have yet to load the game have their names replaced with "Loading Game".

Fixes in v1.14f:
*   Fixed Send Text Message hotkey typo in civilopedia.
*   Fixed typo in labels for Victory Points.
*   Fixed incorrect civilopedia entry when clicking on espionage icon.
*   Fixed bug that caused unit selection order to be incorrect at the beginning of restarted MP games.
*   Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scientific Method.
*   Fixed typo in pedia entry for Invention.
*   Fixed typo in pedia entry for Carthage.
*   Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scandinavia.
*   Fixed bug that caused MP difficulty level to always be Regent.
*   Fixed bug with city screen and advisor screens not working together properly.
*   Fixed bug that caused multiple exits to be required from military advisor screen.
*   Fixed bug that caused rewinding replay to not work for destroying or capturing cities.
*   Fixed bug that caused color blind help and disable pop. limit warning prefs to be swapped
*   Fixed bug with stack goto and moving 1 tile.
*   Fixed bug that caused turn indicator to not be displayed on the first turn of MP turn-based games.
*   Fixed bug with free tech popups from Theory of Evolution.
*   Fixed bug that allowed the AI to trade communications before they had the tech that allowed it.
*   Fixed bug that caused kings and princesses for respawned AI civs to respawn in the wrong location.
*   Fixed crash caused by going to the science advisor screen in the future era.
*   Fixed crash on ranking screen in debug/editor mode.
*   Fixed infinite autosave bug caused by changing the label for "Autosave".
*   Fixed bug that caused "Diplomatic" to not be selected when the espionage screen is first displayed.
*   Fixed several typos in diplomacy text.
*   Fixed OOS when using Sentry commands.
*   Fixed bug with palace upgrades not being saved.
*   Fixed crash when joining MP games through GameSpy Arcade.
*   The Manual incorrectly lists the number of victory points assigned per turn for holding a victory location. The correct amount is 25 per turn.
*   Host Canceling a game in the staging area now actually cancels the game instead of choosing a new host.
*   Messages will now process even if you have checked the 'Rename' option in the setup window.
*   You can no longer change your name to match any other players name. 
*   Timer on turnless games has been increased slightly to make the early game progress faster.
*   Metering is no longer dependent on the host machine -- it is now dependent on the system itself.
*   Fixed lag issue with modem hosting.
*   Added Hwach'a and Berzerk to upgrade path.
*   Removed Hwach'a airlift ability.
*   When loading a game, the setup screen will no longer display 'Barbarian Chiefdom'.
*   City View Screen now refreshes when a unit is disbanded from it.
*   Stability improvements to connecting to staging window. 
*   Fixed a sporadic fatal on exit.
*   Spanish build preferences changed to building wealth often.
*   Fixed bug where game would not launch if you had the Game Limits popup open.
*   Fixed "Famous Replay Bug." 
*   Fixed bug with ruins moving when zoomed.
*   Fixed typos in labels and popup text.
*   You can no longer have multiple open combo boxes on the screen.
*   Games started in Arcade that are password protected now report correctly.
*   Fixed a crash bug when joining the setup window from the staging room.
*   Locked games will now report as locked even if they are also passworded.
*   Time limit games now end in-synch instead of at different times on everyones machine.
*   Fixed a bug where the settler would not build the first turn of a game. 

Additions in v1.04f:
*   Added autopatching ability via GameSpy.
*   Added the Pillage ability to Armies.
*   Added confirmation message for building outposts on top of colonies.
*   Added ability to airflift to and from airfields.
*   Added ability to airdrop from airfields.
*   Added confirmation  message for building airfields on top of colonies.

Changes in v1.04f:
*   Removed Explore action from Cruise Missiles.

Fixes in v1.04f:
*   Fixed several Multiplayer stability issues.
*   Fixed bug with being unable to contact players who have used the espionage screen
*   Fixed bug that caused players to win when they, in fact, lost.
*   Fixed bug with draft button not updating in MP.
*   Fixed memory leak with advisor screens.
*   Fixed crash with advisor screens.
*   Fixed bug with multiple advisor screens being open.
*   Fixed bug with era not advancing.
*   Fixed crash on replay screen.
*   Fixed bug with goody huts not redrawing properly in some cases
*   Fixed bug that caused starting locations in scenarios to be incorrect 
*   Fixed bug that caused civilopedia entries to be incorrect on the espionage screen 
*   Fixed bug that caused cities with air units to be unable to be captured in Multiplayer.
*   Fixed bug that caused air units to not be destroyed if they are not in a city.
*   Fixed bug that caused Play-By-Email mode to not function.
*   Fixed bug that caused barbarians to receive victory points.
*   Fixed typo in password popup.
*   Fixed redraw bug that occurred after capturing/destroying airfields, towers, outposts, and colonies.
*   Editor: Fixed bug causing invalid prerequisites after changing a tech's era.
*   Editor: Fixed bug causing commas to be added to some fields on the tech property page.
*   Editor: Fixed bug causing non-numeric characters to be allowed to be entered on the terrain property page.
*   Editor: Fixed bug that caused tech rate to have a comma in it.

Additions in v1.01f:
*   CTRL-U:  This multiplayer only hotkey will cause all of your automated units to perform their automation. For example, goto, explore, etc., will all perform their automation before your turn is over.

Changes in v1.01f:
*   The maintenance cost of the Stock Exchange is increased from 2 to 3.
*   The operational range of the Stealth Fighter has been increased from 6 to 8.
*   The operational range of the Stealth Bomber has been increased from 8 to 12.
*   Domestic advisor screen displays the names of cities in italics if that city's citizens are managed by the governor and to display it's production in italics if the city's production is managed by the governor.
*   You can destroy through bombarding Airfields, Outposts and Radar Towers.
*   Increased the Numidian Mercenary's defense attribute from 2 to 3.
*   Increased the cost of the Berzerk from 6 to 7.
*   Workers can no longer join starving cities.
*   Increase Sipahi attack from 7 to 8 and its cost from 8 to 10.

INI Tweaks in v1.01f:
*   PlayIntro=0/1. If 0, intro movie is not played. This must be manually added to INI file to be used. The default is 1.

NOTE: Fresh water lakes are not a terrain type. They are composed of coastal tiles surrounded by land.
NOTE: If you fail a spy mission, you will automatically fail any spy mission against that same civilization for next 2-4 turns. 
NOTE: Play the World includes numerous fan created scenarios. These are provided 'as-in' and you should contact the creators for any problems or questions you have regarding them.
NOTE: TBS Santa Cruz sound cards can cause some compatibility problems with Play the World.


NOTE: You cannot enable AI opponents in the Turnless multiplayer game mode.

NOTE: In multiplayer chat, you can bold your text by encasing it in "{" and "}" characters. You can also make it print in italics by encasing the text in "[" and "]" characters. If you want to print any of these formatting characters, you need to type the character twice (i.e. "[[" or "}}"). This will cause that character to be displayed in the chat window a single time.

NOTE: AOL users will find it difficult to join multiplayer games and impossible to host games.  AOL is currently working on changes to make on-line gaming easier.  Contact AOL as to current status and workarounds.

NOTE: The player with the fastest connection should host. Hosting on a modem can significantly increase connection time.

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