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Published by USS_Sovereign 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
IGN interviewed recently a lead programmer Alex Mantzaris who gave new details on the expansion. [quote] Firaxis recently announced the newest Civilization expansion, Civilization IV: Warlords. Seeing as how the previous game was our 2005 PC Game of the Year, we were understandably anxious to find out more about the expansion. Sure, we'll get to see the game at E3 two weeks from now, but we just can't wait that long. Lucky for us lead programmer Alex Mantzaris was more than willing to answer our questions about the upcoming expansion. First and foremost, the new game is including a brand new Warlord unit. Alex explains that these are powerful generals "who emerge as your civilization gains combat experience." You can use them just like other Great People to "discover technologies, start golden ages, and join cities as Great Specialists." The real special ability of a Warlord though is to venture out into the field and attach themselves to military units. The units attached to these leaders gain combat advantages. The new expansion will add six new civilizations and ten new leaders. Players will finally get the chance to lead Shaka of the Zulus. Some of the other heavies from the series' history will be returning including Brennus of the Celts and Hannibal of Carthage. Players can also take on the role of Ragnar of the Vikings, Mehmed II of the Ottomans and Wang Kon of the Koreans. Some of the existing nations will also be getting new leaders. Stalin and Churchill will finally be able to take charge of Russia and England, while ancient heavies Rameses II and Augustus Caesar will head up Egypt and Rome. To accommodate the new leaders that are being included, the team is adding two entirely new leader traits. We're not entirely sure what they are yet, but it could include a return of the Scientific trait from Civ III.[/quote] [url=""]More on IGN[/url]
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