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Hey all, there's a new mod announced, and the mod is also recruiting good scripters! Check it out!
I'm starting a mod, hopefully a total conversion for Civilization IV, based on a story I started to write. The Basic Civs are: United States, European Military Federation, Russia, People's Republic of China, Middle Eastern Coalition, Israel, and the Neo-Nazi Confederacy. There will also be sub-factions within each civ, like in Command and Conquer: Generals. Anyone with experience in XML and Python, experience with modeling and skinning,or wants to help be part of the design team can contact me at [mail][/mail]. Here's the basic story: While the US continued the War on Terror throughout the first decade of the 21st Century, the Neo-Nazis, hell-bent on revenge for the defeat of Hitler, began to form militia groups and began to stockpile weapons throughout the world. A Neo-Nazi collector and politician, Benjamin Schmidt, took charge of the political side, while General Erik Beck, a rogue German Neo-Nazi, took over the Nazi Alliance Military, and personally oversaw the reformation of the S.S. They began to streamline into society, make themselves less noticeable, as well as infiltrate military from around the world as they began to use the Internet to spread the Neo-Nazi's message of hate, attracting thousands if not millions of recruits. The Nazi-Alliance then began to infiltrate industry and took over factories to use to make war materials and vehicles to be part of their plan to strike a vengeful blow to the World; for Hitler, Operation: Invincible. This daring plan was to eliminate one of the most powerfu! l military powers on Earth: the United States.
Hey. this one actually loloks quite cool! As said, if you're interested, mail him on [email][/email] Cheers!
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