Soren Johnson & Barry Caudill Interview on Computer And Video Games

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Published by USS_Sovereign 14 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
As you all know Soren Johnson is the Civ 4 lead designer and Barry Caudill is the senior producer. The interview covers a lot of ground such as the AI, religion implementation, multiplayer...
KEEPING THE FANS HAPPY Caudill: It's a really tough tightrope to walk when you're on something like Civ IV - if you continue to cater only to the hardcore guys you're only going to cater to an ever-shrinking circle of people. You need to find a way to bring in new people otherwise your franchise will die. So there's this great big tightrope we're on - 'lets make this accessible, but let's also add this feature that the hardcore guys want'. We also did stuff like adding difficulty levels that were lower than anything we've ever had for previous games. It's always a constant back and forth - 'is that too complex?' or 'is that too simple?'. Eventually we all agree though, and pull it off.
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