Sid Meier's Civilization IV

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Building Civic Prereqs v0.2 TheLopez 1.28MB 82
Inquisition Mod TheLopez 2.87MB 198
Mastery Victory Sevo 1.28MB 248
Multi-Building Unit Requirement Mod TheLopez 1.24MB 90
Fall From Heaven Guest 24.43MB 646
Robo Composite Mod Guest 15.08MB 273
Reformation mod Guest 544KB 233
Alternate Religions Guest 2.59MB 423
Robo Composite Mod Guest 204KB 147
The War of Ascension Guest 21.53MB 485
Trade Routes Chinese American 1.33MB 670
Ethnically Diverse Units Rabbit, White 2.64MB 351
Ethnically Diverse Units Guest 1.78MB 207
Darth Vader Ploeperpengel 146KB 426
Unit Statistics Mod v1.37 Teg_Navanis 1.51MB 130
Great Options Mod, Core Edition TheLopez 5.09MB 133
Imigration Mod TheLopez 284KB 361
Pirates Mod TheLopez 10KB 139
Unique Barbarian Mod TheLopez 750KB 112
Tank Pack Hadrean 1.9MB 481
Water Animals Mod TheLopez 1.24MB 143
Fall from Heaven 2 Patch Kael 865KB 810
Improvements Outside Borders TheLopez 1.19MB 178
Great Options Mod, Core Edition TheLopez 5.13MB 424
Sevo Mod 3.0 Tech Leak Addon AltarisGreyhawk 6KB 150
Nuke Anywhere SDK Mod Sevo 36KB 348
Tectonics LDiCesare 8KB 128
Super Civ Mod Fix LAnkou 5KB 606
Pirate Island mihaemon 129KB 523
Dales Combat Mod Dale 1.09MB 421
Fall From Heaven 2 Patch Kael 5.91MB 645
Pirated Mod TheLopez 1.07MB 233
Route Pillage Mod TheLopez 1.14MB 75
M.A.D. Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.83MB 176
M.A.D. Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.83MB 136
Tectonics LDiCesare 9KB 134
Air Forces Mod TheLopez 1.35MB 374
Multi-Bonus Building Requirement Mod TheLopez 1.25MB 64
Total Realism 2.13 Patch Total Realism Team 6.2MB 3,066
Regiment mod adapted with EDU Gedemon 21MB 244
MAD Nukes Mod TheLopez 1.83MB 427
Lost Wonders Mod Frontbrecher 6.43MB 312
Civics Resources Mod TheLopez 1.21MB 125
Upgradeable Buildings mod TheLopez 1.35MB 199
Favorite Religion TheLopez 1.28MB 94
Influence Driven War moctezuma 1.11MB 88
Tech Tree Editor TheLopez 3.99MB 789
Influence Driven War v1.1 moctezuma 1.17MB 174
European Middle Ages Resurrection Head Serf 5.76MB 1,397
Favorite Religion v0.2 TheLopez 1.29MB 273
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