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New Civilizations Thailand

60 Cities Leaders Ramkhamhaeng (Spiritual/Aggressive) Mongkut (Creative/Philosophical) Chulalongkorn (Organized/Financial) A...


New Civilizations Croatia

This mod adds Croatia as a playable Civ. Description: Croats as playable civ -Features Croat city names -Four historical leader...


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New Civilizations Argentina

An Argentinian civilization for your Civ 4. You might give it a try if you want new civilizations in your game.


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New Civilizations Palmyra Civilization

Hey all, here's a new civ, the first one in a long time ;) Palmyra was a short-lived, powerful kingdom on the borders of the Roman and Pe...


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New Civilizations Catalunya

Here's another addon civ: The Cataluyana. I have, unfortunately, not got very mech info on this civ, as the readme was rather sparesome


New Civilizations Italy

Hey all! Another great civilization, this time: Italy! Apart from being good at football (soccer for you americans), they're good chefs...


New Civilizations Australia

Yet another civilization. Good is it too! This one doesn't actually greet you with a " 'Ello mate, can I help?", but it's close. It...


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New Civilizations Scotland

Hey, we got another addon CIV! This time, the turn has come to the creator of the glorious sport of golf, Scotland! Widely know for it'...


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New Civilizations Haarball's fantasy civ pack

Hey all! Here's a brand new pack of fantasy civs. This mod contains 19 new civs! All civs have two leaders each, so :) The mod requir...


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New Civilizations Vietnam

Hey all! There's another great CIV coming up - the Việt Nam! Vietnam was - as we all know - in the Vietanm war (Damn, who'd gu...


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New Civilizations Switzerland

Hey all! There's a new CIV coming up: Switzerland! This cheese-loving, jodling civilization is actually quite fun to play with, and g...


New Civilizations Turks

Civilization: Turks Noun: Turks Adjective: Turkish Colors: Red Starts with: Hunting and Mining UU: Janissary (Rifleman, 1+ power...


New Civilizations Ireland Mod

Okay, two notes to start. First, I realize that Sadistik created a Gaelic mod which includes Ireland and Scotland. I made this mod at...


New Civilizations Stargate

These files add SG1 (from the sci-fi television show Stargate) to the game as a new civ.


New Civilizations Babylonians

Civilization: Babylonians Noun: Babylonians Adjective: Babylonian Colors: Dark Blue Starts with: Agriculture and The Wheel UU: Babyloni...


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New Civilizations Catalunya

This is the updated version Catalonia for Superciv & Catalonia for Sevomod This versions include Catalonia in Superciv (by LAnkou)...


New Civilizations Denmark Mod 1.0

This little mod adds Danish Empire to Sid Meier's Civilization IV, with own flag, two leaders and unique unit.


New Civilizations Confederation of Independent States (CIS)

This Mod has six new Civilizations which are part of the CIS , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan....


New Civilizations Philosophical Utopia

The Utopian Empire: A civ based on and ruled by the ideals of Enlightenment philosophers such as Voltaire and (civ veteran) Adam Smith.


New Civilizations Ancient Illyria and Ethnic Albania Civilizations

The mod you've all been waiting for! Introducing Ancient Illyria and Ethnic Albania as 2 playable civilizations, complete with custom music...


New Civilizations Canada Mod

A new civilization for your CIV4 game :)


New Civilizations Norway

This mod adds Norwegian Empire to Sid Meier's Civilization IV as a playable civilization. Civ has flag, two leaders with unique AI, citylis...


New Civilizations Stargate Mod

A new version of Stargate Civ mod :)


New Civilizations Portugal

A new Civilization for your Civ 4 :)


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