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New Civilizations Amra's Tibet

This will add Tibet to Civ4. It includes 1 animated leader (Songtsen Gampo), 2 Unique Units (Khampa Horseman & Dob Dob) and Pedia entries fo...


New Civilizations Mesopotamia

Ok, i decided to do a favor for someone i met online in a Civ 4 forum and made him a Mesopotamia Civ so he could be his favorite nati...


New Civilizations The Confederate States of America

Starting Techs: Agriculture, The Wheel Leaders: Jefferson Davis - Industrious, Philosophical, favors Free Market Robert E. Lee - Spirit...


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New Civilizations Byzantium Civ

This will add Byzantium to Civ4. It includes 1 animated leader (Theodora), 2 Unique Units (Dromon & Tagmata) and Pedia entries for all. This...


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New Civilizations Antartica

Play as Antartica! Name: Antarctica Techs: Hunting, Fishing Leaders: Roald Amundsen (expansive, creative) and Richard Byrd (expansive,...


New Civilizations Turkish Mod

Newest edition of one of the original new nation mods.


New Civilizations Austria

Austria as playable Civ. Including unique art and sound, two dozen cities, four leaders and a unique unit. Starts with Hunting and...


New Civilizations Hungary

This mod adds Hungary as a playable Civ. Description: Hungarians as playable civ -Features Hungarian city names -Four historica...


New Civilizations Next Level Mod

A huge modpack of more then 20 Civilizations. To name a few: Argentina, Australia, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Bulgaria, Israel, Ireland


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New Civilizations Ukraine

A new civilization, Ukraine. - Ukraine Civilization added as 19th civilization - Ukraine cities added - Two new leaders, Khmeln...


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New Civilizations Scythia

This will add Scythia to Civ4. It includes 1 animated leader (Atheas), 2 Unique Units (Royal Scyth & Scythian Rider) and Pedia entries for a...


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New Civilizations Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is not much I can say about the mod except that it's a new playable civilization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy!


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New Civilizations Netherlands

A new civilization, this time it's The Netherlands. Civilization: Name: The Netherlands Techs: Fishing, Mining Leaders: Willem...


New Civilizations Canada Mod

Updated version of the Canada mod. This mod adds Canada as a playable civ. - compatible with CIV 1.61 - MacDonald and Trudeau now...


New Civilizations Tibet

This mod adds Tibet as a playable civ.


New Civilizations Finland Mod

New civilization for your Civ 4, Finland. Features of the civilization and the mod: - Adds the Finnish Empire as a playable ci...


New Civilizations Israel

This mod adds Israel as a playable Civilization. A recommended download ;)


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New Civilizations Bulgaria

This mod adds Bulgaria as a playable civ. Civ stats: Civilization Name: Bulgaria Techs: Hunting, Agriculture Leaders: Khan...


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New Civilizations Super Civ Mod

A mod which contains a lot of Civilizations in a 1 huge modpack. Turkey, Scotland, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil are just few names of civs...


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New Civilizations Atlantis

A new civilization for your Civ 4, Atlantis. Some stats of the civ: Leader: Atlas UU:Atlantean Galley [+...


New Civilizations Drtad's Modernized Armenia

It just makes Armenia more modernized. UU: Armenian Armor UB: Asdghatidaran Leader: Robert Kocharian


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New Civilizations Romania

Here is the Romanian Civ for your Civ 4. Civ stats: Civilization: Romanian Kingdom Noun: Romania Adjective: Romanian Colour: Light bl...


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