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Here's a new mod, this time very interesting!

The mod I am currently holding in my hands is a mod that removes everything named religion, and replaces it with new religions. Not very useful, but extremely funny ;)

Check it out!



This mod replaces all of the religions in the game with made up, but hopefully realistic seeming, religions. For an explanation of why I would do this, you can take a look at the companion mod to this, Alt City Names. All of the missionaries, buildings, and appropriate buttons and icons have been replaced. I took the liberty of making two small adjustments to gameplay as well; Cathedrals and shrines give additional benefits to differentiate the religions, and two of the late religions have been moved to earlier techs. One reason for the movement is that I've found the very late religions usually play almost no role in the game. Another is that I wanted to spread the religions around a little so it wasn't always the same few leaders founding all of them.

Founded by: Meditation
Cathedral extras: +25% Science
Shrine Extras: +100% Science
Founded by: Polytheism
Cathedral extras: +100% Culture (replaces the standard +50%), +2 Happiness (in addition to the +2 you get if Sutism is your state religion) 
Shrine Extras: +100% Culture, +1 Happiness in all your cities
Founded by: Monotheism
Cathedral extras: +20% Science, +1 Health
Shrine Extras: +100% Science
Founded by: Horseback Riding
Cathedral extras: +25% Military Production, New land units receive +2 XP
Shrine Extras: +100% Military Production, New land units receive +2 XP
Word of the Lawgiver
Founded by: Code of Laws
Cathedral extras: -25% Upkeep
Shrine Extras: +100% Science
Founded by: Construction
Cathedral extras: +15% Production, +5% Prod. with marble, +5% Prod. with stone
Shrine Extras: +50% Production
Church of the Golden Flame
Founded by: Theology
Cathedral extras: +50% Gold
Shrine Extras: +100% Gold, +1 Commerce from Priest specialists in all cities

The civilopedia entries describe the religions and their shrines but they're all pretty brief. This is intentional, so you can assume whatever history is appropriate for your game. There are a few last remarks you should read before you install this:

Install this in the Mods folder of your Civ 4 game directory, not the one in My Documents. This is because of a bug which prevents the small building and unit icons from showing up correctly in the city bar when you're building them if the artwork is in the My Documents folder. Unfortunately, this also applies if you put them in CustomAssets. Putting the appropriate buttons in your Civ 4 game directory and the rest of the mod in CustomAssets should probably work though.
Because the Sutist and Vaalkazian missionaries use the same models I haven't been able to get the effect that you see when you spread their religion in a city working correctly for both of them simultaneously. So for now the Sutist symbol shows up but no effect shows up with the Vaalkazian missionary. I may need the SDK to fix this.
This mod and my Alt City Names change one of the same files so since I intended to use them together this mod contains my Alt City Names city list. If you would prefer to use the default city names I've attached the file you need at the end of this post. Just replace the Civ4CivilizationInfos.xml file in Alt Religions\assets\xml\civilizations with that one.
All of the text is in English only, but there's not much of it.
I didn't make new movies for the founding of religions. They all use Christianity's movie. I also didn't add wonder movies for the shrines. They just use blank screens.

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