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The world is a huge (128x80) map with four major landmasses and some smaller islands and archipelagoes. The starting locations per continen...


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The world is a huge (128x80) map with four major landmasses and some smaller islands and archipelagoes. The starting locations per continent are: 8/5/3/1/1.

It's a pretty lush and green world. Food is generally good, both in the temperate region and the equatorial one. The desert regions are considerable barriers though. Production is generally reasonable in the temperate zones but may be a problem along the equator and at the coasts. The naval resources are quite scarce but can be found in the archipelagoes.

There are three reasonably sized islands that are uninhabited, but could support at least 3 cities each.

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You can win by Conquest, Domination, Cultural and Space victory.
Permanent Alliances and Random Personalities are on.

The game is set to Normal speed and Noble, but you can change that on startup if you like. You can also use mods to play this. I will probably try the map both with plain 1.09 and with Mylon's Mod. Please mention this in any response on balance though.

Balance worries

Atlas's starting location placement and resource placement differ quite a bit from the normal methods. Accordingly, the game will progress differently. I expect the early game to be a bit slower than normal, but I'm not sure. The abundance of fertile land will probably make up for this later in the game.

I checked the starting locations for fairness. Most look good concerning food, production and resources. There are two civs that start on an island. One of them is next to a major continent and should be able to keep up. The other is completely isolated and looks like a guaranteed loser, even though they have Horses, Deer and Dyes in their starting site. If you get that location, get ready for a real challenge or restart.

Please let me know if you experience that one thing or another on this map is bad for game balance. It will quite possibly lead to a better Atlas!

Also, I'd like to know if and when you won, and whether you think it was a more fun/easy/difficult/whatever game than usual. Don't be afraid to post!

Used tools and settings

For those of you that like to know, I used this settings and tools to produce this map:

- Atlas 0.33 to create the map, resources and starting locations (see signature)
- MapView to preview the map
- DefaultPlayers Tweaker 1.0 to guarantee 18 civs on random locations (Strongly recommended download)

Atlas Settings (top to bottom settings per tab, skip greyed out ones):
World: 128/80/18/3/24/Mixed/Normal/X-Axis
Terrain: 8/33/4/1/2/35/3
Misc: 18/20/true

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